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     Fitness Tips For 10/2/2013

How to get a body like an MMA fighter

mma fighter workout By Dwayne Hines Mixed martial arts has overtaken boxing as the top fighting sport in the United States and many other countries. Mixed martial arts training is some of the toughest conditioning of all and these athletes are in superb condition. Ultimate fighting requires ultimate conditioning and a total commitment to taking the body to a highly developed state. Mixed martial arts training produces a body that is conditioned and developed differently than those that typical training produce. The mixed martial artist must develop both the slow twitch and fast twitch fibers in tandem and cannot afford to focus on any single style of working out. A mixed martial artist must have explosive power but at the same time has to have a high level of endurance. This merger of two styles fitness styles, in addition to the various martial arts elements, really challenges the workout time for the mixed martial artists. Top martial artists like Georges St. Pierre end up training several times a day and stack up many workouts every week. But the result is a totally conditioned body - ripped and rugged.

MMA Fighter Workout

Some examples of MMA fighter exercises are: Running Up Stairs: Rocky Balboa was right sprinting up stairs is great, for strength, speed and endurance. Climbing A Rope: This may bring back some bad memories of high school, but the truth is it's a great workout that builds awesome grip and pulling strength. Clapping Push Ups: This plyometric exercises builds incredible upper body pushing power. If you want to build a body like a martial artist, you have to approach the goal in the same way - working on several different training styles at once. And you may not want to fight in the octagon, but it is still possible to put together a body that is tough and ready to go by employing a mixed martial artist style training regime. Some of the different elements in building a martial arts capable physique are burst training, second gear training, power training, endurance training and more. These training factor must each be included in mixed training approach. That can be challenging but it can be done. For the full program, checkout...The Ultimate Fighting Workout a mixed training approach for those who want to improve their fight conditioning. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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How to get a body like an MMA fighter

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