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     Fitness Tips For 9/18/2013

Targeted Muscle with Blowout Day Workouts

If you are smart, you balance out your training for each of the major
muscle groups. That way your body stays in balance as you develop it.  
Balanced training leads to a balanced body. After all, who wants to 
look like a light bulb (the guys who train only upper body) or have 
even one muscle group out of sync? 

Unbalanced training leads to a strange-looking body, with one or more
muscle groups out of sync. When you get big in one area but not the 
other, the muscle flow looks bizarre. This not only impairs your 
appearance, it also impairs your athletic capability as one muscle 
group overpowers the other.
Balanced training is a pillar of powerful training if you want to 
create a powerful body. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot 
unload on a muscle group now and then. There is an important caveat 
here - as long as you are training your body in a balanced manner 
consistently, you can allow for a blowout training session on a 
particular muscle group now and then. An occasional blowout session, 
where you target one area and overload it, can provide the impetus 
for some nice new growth and significant muscle gains. Vince Gironda 
would have his trainees occasionally perform a single blowout day 
session on areas such as the arms, with impressive results. Gains 
such as a half to an inch of muscle would often be the result for 
the arms.  

This blowout training method doesn't have to be limited to the arms.
You can do it for the neck, traps, chest, calves - virtually any area
where you want a strong boost of muscle growth. You may have been 
longing to unload on your biceps - or blast your shoulders out of the
building. This is the time to do so. No other muscle group is 
involved but the one you want to hit. And you hit it hard. You give 
it a super overload session. You pump it through the roof. The 
results will impress you.

The best way to prepare for the blowout session is to take a couple 
of days off before the routine and a couple of days off after. This 
allows you to approach the workout session well rested and to 
recuperate fully after the blowout attack. Then you get after it, 
getting in an incredible workout with more sets and more intensity 
than typical as you zero in on the chosen muscle group.

How often should you perform a blowout session on a targeted muscle 
group? Once a month is a good rule of thumb. Once a month pick a 
muscle group and really work it over, overloading it to the max, and
then giving it some time to recover and grow bigger. Next month, try
it on a different muscle group. In the course of a year you can hit 
most of your muscle groups a couple of times with the hard core 

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Targeted Muscle with Blowout Day Workouts

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