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     Fitness Tips For 12/29/2010

New Year's Workout Plan

by Mike Baggett

So you let yourself enjoy extra helpings of turkey and dressing and 
ate lots of chocolate, cheese cake, and pecan pies over the 
Christmas holiday while enjoying the College Bowl schedule? Great!  
Forgive yourself and chalk it up as a break from the normal 
fitness schedule.  The mind and the body--to a point--need a 
break now and then.  I've eaten what I want for the past two weeks 
and took a two week break from the gym and my supplements.  Now, 
I'm ready to flatten the stomach and get those cuts back as quickly 
as I can.  Any of this sound like you?

Since I normally work half the body one day and the other half on another 
day,  I want some total body muscle stimulation done as quickly as I can 
do it.   My plan?  Supersets.  These supersets work muscles that are 
opposites back-to-back, so to speak.  For example, close-grip pulldowns + 
shoulder width incline barbell bench press,  barbell curls on my knees + 
triceps pressdowns.  You get the picture.   About 4 supersets like these 
and you're done.  In fact, you can work your whole body in less than an 
hour depending on how much rest you need between sets. 

Next, get the heart rate up regularly to jumpstart your progress.  It 
doesn't matter how you do this, just do it.  You can walk fast, jog, 
treadmill,  bike, stepper, etc.   On days you don't do weights get that 
heartrate up for 15 or 30 minutes.  Get the high protein reduced carbs 
and fat eating plan going.  Start your supplement cycle.  I'm starting my 
creatine and glutamine plus using ZMA at night before bed.  It's a good 
way to be sure you get your rest. 

Finally, tell everyone what you are doing.  That's a good way to be 
sure you will do it because you don't want to let everyone else down, do 
you?  No.  You want to show them how quickly you can improve your 
physique because you don't want people to be able to pat your stomach 
and tell you to suck it in for long for much longer, do you?  Not me 
anyway.  Happy New Year and I know you will succeed in in your 
fitness goals.

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New Year's Workout Plan

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