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Ever heard of a "positive nitrogen balance"?
You should. Every gym rat on the planet knows what
happens when you have a positive nitrogen balance...
You get BIG.

The chemistry is a little complicated but stick with me
for a sec because if you want fast results in the gym,
this is REALLY important.
Crucial, actually.
Screw it up and you wind up busting your ass in the gym,
with no results... looking the exact same, month after month.
Get it right... you get bigger... FAST.

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     Fitness Tips For 1/8/2014

Post Workout Nutrition Tips

How to reduce post workout inflammation. Intense workouts have intense results - including whipping up quite a bit of inflammation in the body. Hard workouts really raise the heat levels in the body. During the workout this is a good thing as the natural processes work to create growth. However, you don't want that inflammation to continue too long. Inflammation, it turns out, is one of the major factors for fostering damage to the body. In fact medical researchers are now looking at inflammation as being more of an issue than cholesterol for heart issues. You can take steps with your dietary approach to put the clamps on inflammation. However, just any approach won't work. There is a specific manner in which to proceed to shut down the nasty after burn of too much inflammation by using your food as a tool. Unlike the protein/carb mix, which you want to get into your system as rapidly as possible after a workout (to boost muscle glycogen refueling), you have a longer window of time with the inflammation issue. The food elements that put out the inflammation are antioxidants and the time control is different than the muscle/protein issue. For muscles, protein and carbs, you want to get started within 15 minutes after the workout, with the initial re-dosing of protein, and you have up to 2 hours to have some effect. Antioxidant dosing is a different story. You don't want to take the antioxidants immediately, but to wait until about three to four hours after the training session. This is the ideal time to load up on antioxidants and let them go to work cooling off your internal fires. Until this point, you want the flame still working in the post workout phase. So what type of nutrition do you employ for the antioxidant dose? Skip the man-made pill antioxidants (generally these are low utilization synthetic copies) and go with the real deal - fruits and veggies that are full of antioxidants. For instance, tart cherries and sweet strawberries. Olive oil (make sure it is extra virgin) works great. If you must have a store bought quencher, try something like Sambazon'ís Acai Berry + Chocolate Protein Superfood Smoothie as it contains 100 berries worth of high antioxidant acai in every drink. Put out the inflammation fire - at the right time and with the right nutritional tools - and watch how your body and health improve drastically. A little bit of knowledge and acting on it can make a big difference for your body. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Post Workout Nutrition Tips

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