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     Fitness Tips For For 11/11/2009

Rowing Exercise Techniques For Building Muscle Latissimus Dorsi

Radical Rowing

By Dwayne Hines II, Certified Personal Trainer, N.S.C.A.
Author of "The Growth Zone"  

Do you row?  Rowing is one of the best ways to significantly build up the 
back.  One of the guys with an “all-time” best back is Ollie McClay and 
he built that very bad back primarily through rowing movements – tons of 
rowing movements.   Rowing is one of the best possible tools you can use 
to form an awesome back.  Targeting the back is vital because the back is 
the biggest muscle group of the human torso.  The legs anchor the lower 
body and the back anchors the upper body.  The better your back, the 
better your upper body.  If you want to turn your back into a mass of 
hard rock, rowing is the answer.

In addition to the standard form of rowing (bent rowing, cable rowing, 
dumbbell rowing, etc.), you can add more muscle to your back with a more 
radical form of rowing.   This radical rowing combines a couple of 
elements to make a superb workout.  These elements include the Dorian 
Yates heavy duty rowing approach along with some explosive action.   
Together they add up to a radical rowing movement that will shock your 
back into new growth.   

Dorian Yates had a unique approach to rowing – he used an undergrip and 
a partial bent position to rack up heavy duty stimulation on his back.   
The reverse grip rowing seems to allow for a more direct pulling action 
of the back.   To perform this style of rowing, grab a barbell with an 
undergrip (palms facing your body) and bend forward to a position where 
your body is bent at the waist slightly above parallel.   Also bend 
your knees slightly to help absorb the stationary side of the load.

As you start the rowing, explode!  Don’t pull at the typical moderate 
pace.  Instead, rock that bar up into your upper abdomen region as hard 
as you can. Explosive rowing will bring the fast-twitch muscles into 
play.  As you row, focus on getting those elbows pulled up and back as 
far as you can for a super deep stretch of the back muscles.  Lower the 
weight back down strongly (basically let it drop down if you have rubber 
mats), then explosively pull the weight back up again.  Perform this 
explosive action for 5-7 quick, strong repetitions.  Get in 4-5 sets 
and watch what the radical approach to rowing will do for your back.  
Author bio

Dwayne Hines II is the Editor-at-Large for OnFitness magazine and 
has written for a variety of national magazines, including Ironman, 
MuscleMag, BlackBelt and Men’s Workout.  He has acted as a 
bodybuilding contest judge, is a certified personal trainer with 
the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has 
several bodybuilding and fitness books selling in major 
bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. 

Dwayne Hines II recently released "The Growth Zone" see  

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