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     Fitness Tips For 5/29/2013

Short Intense Workouts Are Better

Short & Stimulating Workouts

Do you perform long workouts? Pat yourself on the back for being 
able to stay in the gym for quite awhile? Training for long sessions
is fine for cardio/aerobic training aimed at either endurance and/or
fat burning, but not the wisest course for muscle building. That's 
because in the weight training realm you can actually train too 
long. That's right - by training for extended lengths of time you may 
be doing more harm than good.

What's wrong with going long in your training? Testosterone and 
energy output. Vince Gironda noted that there is a significant drop
off of working testosterone at about the 45 minute mark in a workout.
When your testosterone levels dive, its time to hang it up for the 
ay.  Otherwise, to keep pushing at that point won't bring nearly as 
much muscle gains - in fact things might start going catabolic 
instead of anabolic.

Energy levels drop off as well when you extend your workout a long 
time. The exercises that are performed in the latter end of a long 
work out get the leftovers - the scraps of the workout.  When energy
and testosterone flow are both low, motivation also runs dry as 
well, and that mix makes for tough going. 

It is far wiser to get in gym and put in a hard hitting workout, 
then get out. Aim at training for no longer than 45 minutes per 
session. Set up your training schedule so that you can get it 
wrapped up without going into the zone where testosterone 
diminishes. This may take a little time scheduling, and may require
some split sessions, but if you are serious about building muscle, 
you want to get the very most out of each training session. That 
means short and super stimulating.

If you train hard and quick, you can get in a lot of weight lifting
in 45 minutes. It helps as well to stay totally focused on the 
workout and the muscles you are training and avoid chatting too 
much. Stuffing your workout into a 45 minute time frame will help 
you prioritize your workout and put the main and most important 
things first and foremost.

There are always exceptions to the rule and an occasional longer 
session, particularly if you use it as a shock session, can work on
a rare basis.  However, for you main training approach, try to get 
out of the gym in 45 minutes or less consistently. Hit your muscles
hard and then let them get their earned rest.

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Short Intense Workouts Are Better

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