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Did You Know That...

"Arnold Schwarzenegger called this the most crucial area for 
mastering your physique!"

Are You Spending All Your Time Working Every Muscle Area 
but the Most Important?

Fail to get this area right and the rest of your training 
won't add up to much at all.  Unfortunately many people fall 
into this trap.

Have you been putting most of your training emphasis on 
the wrong areas?

Checkout How to Shrink Inches off Your Waist Fast

     Fitness Tips For 5/22/2013

Simple Ab Workout Routine

The Smart & Simple Ab Attack for a Six Pack

The abdominal muscles generally fall into one of two categories - 
people either ignore them or train the tar out of them. And both 
approaches are off-base. You don’t want to go down either path if 
you want to build a sizzling six path.

Top fitness trainer Phil Campbell points out "Why are most doing 50 
or 100 reps for abs. Could this be carryover thinking from some 
very old thinking that high reps makes the waist line smaller? . . .
Why wear-out the spine with high rep abs training and waste all that
extra time, when there is a much better way to work the abs?"

Campbell points to a few short sets to target the waist muscles in 
a particular manner. And being able to work the waist quickly is not
the only positive about smart ab training.  Even better news - you 
don't have to take forever to get there. Vince Gironda, one of the 
top training gurus from the era of trim waistlines, pointed out in 
his book Unleashing the Wild Physique:

"Generally speaking, the abdominals develop easily. . . Once I 
decided that I wanted a ‘washboard’ midsection, it didn’t take a 
heck of a long time. I got world-class abdominals in just six weeks."

The good news is that your abdominals develop easily if you target 
them in the right way.  Phil Campbell points to the very best way to 
do so:

"Work the upper abs separately like you would other upper body 
groups with similar number of reps for upper body. And once the 
upper abs are exhausted and can't synergistically assist the lower 
abs when raising legs, work lower abs with leg raises. I know this
sounds overly simple, but I challenge you to try this."

Phil points to working the abs in a two step manner, first hitting 
the upper abs, then moving on to work the lower abs. And even with 
this split, it won't take long. Here is the simple workout that he
outlines - upper abs 4 sets 20 reps, lower abs 2 sets 20 reps. 

For your upper abs, the exercise of choice is also simple - lay on
your back on floor with feet elevated on a bench with a heavy 
dumbbell on your upper chest. From here you perform the 4 sets of 
20 repetitions in quick succession, allowing a short rest between 
sets. How heavy of a dumbbell should you use? One that makes the 
final five reps tough to complete.

Phil points out one of the reasons for performing upper ab work 
first -  "your upper abs can't synergistically kick in to assist 
lower abs with any type of leg raise exercise that you wish to 
select." So move on to lower ab work and hit them with the hanging
leg raise - a couple of sets of 20 repetitions each and your lower
abs will have sufficient stimulation. 

This upper/lower ab split will give you what you need to build a 
nice six pack, provided your eating is smart as well.

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Simple Ab Workout Routine

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