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Ecdy-Bolin Review

I am a pretty avid lifter who has always had trouble gaining 
muscle mass. 

I was getting frustrated because I seemed to be working 
harder but I stayed a stingy 212 lbs. So I went out on a limb
and purchased Ecdy-Bolin. 

I really took notice of my size in the mirror one day. I 
was stunned to see more definition in my chest, arms and 

Curiosity get the best of me so I went to the scale and 
was astonished, I went from a 215 on an empty stomach to 
223 on an empty stomach.  WOW!

Not only did this product put size and definition on me, 
I feel great. Friends of mine who I only see during football 
season (now) too notice to my size difference and said "It 
looks like you had a great off season!" 

I see finally there is a product out there that will 
increase your size and mass while at the same time you 
see noticeable gains in strength. 

Thank you so much!

James Botti, Lincoln DE

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     Fitness Tips For 2/23/2011

Sleep and Bodybuilding, How Much Sleep?

Sleep – Missing link to growth
by Dwayne Hines

Have you tried everything but still can’t get the growth you want?
The answer you are seeking may be quite simple – so simple that you
may overlook it. What might the key to advancement be? - Sleep. 
Sleep may be the very thing that you are overlooking, neglecting or 
not putting enough emphasis on.

Hans Selye, a noted researcher on the human body, stated that in 
order to make progress, challenge must be balanced with recovery.  
In other words, you need to offset those hard-charging workouts with
an adequate amount of sleep.

African lions have the sleep element nailed down. They sleep around
20 hours a day, letting their big muscles grow and grow.  Growth, by
the way, occurs during sleep, not during the action. 

The same is true for the bodybuilder – growth occurs during sleep. 
That means if you are not getting much sleep, you are not getting 
much growth. It’s that simple. However, lots of guys burn the candle
at both ends – hard core workouts during the day, then lots of 
partying at night. Or simply staying up a little later to watch the 
late show or movie. That may be fun but it short-changes your growth 

Lack of sleep cuts in a couple of ways.  First, it limits growth.  
Second, it cuts into the energy stores for the next workout. Not 
getting adequate sleep is very harmful to the growth potential of 
the physique. Sure, you can pull it off a few times, but over time 
it adds up and keeps you from maximizing growth.

Of course the answer here is simple – sleep more. Add an extra 
half-hour or so whenever you can. Make an effort to carve out some 
time for just sleep. Naps help, but a longer extended sleeping 
period is really the best tool to support hard core training.  

Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone" – a new approach to 
building mass muscle fast. See

And "Conditioning for Fighting" – a mixed training approach for those 
who want to improve their fight conditioning. See

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Sleep and Bodybuilding, How Much Sleep?

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