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     Fitness Tips For 11/17/2010

Slow Continuous Tension Training

During the first stages of training, overloading your muscles for a
good workout may seem easy. Lets face it, during the initial stages,
almost any training will overload your muscles. 

As your workouts progress, so should the intensity. At a certain 
point in their regime, most trainers hit a distinct plateau. While 
they may have been increasing weights and reps, there comes a point
when your body adapts to those workouts and merely maintains current
size and strength. At this point dramatic changes must take place in
order to continue at aa decent rate of progress. One of these 
changes in strategy is by adopting slow, continuous tension 
techniques to each exercise.

When weight or reps cannot be added, you must trick your muscles 
into thinking they are lifting more weight by increasing intensity.
When moving through the full range of motion for each workout, there
are natural lulls in difficulty. Whether it is at the peak of a 
movement or the starting position, these momentary breaks allow 
oxygen and blood back into the muscle making the movement 'easier'.

Bodybuilders have long been used to the idea of using differnet 
lifting tempos depending on their exact goals. A lifting tempo is
simply the speed of movement during each exercise. The slow 
continuous tension technique is one of these tempos which require 
gradual movements and no breaks. As an example, when push-ups have
become too easy, one may adopt slow rises and drops with no time 
spent at the peak or break of each exercise. 

Continuous tension routines can be doen for every body part. An 
easy to follow example for slow continuous tensions workout would
be in a leg routine. When doing continuous tension squats, 
eliminate the 'dead space' by counting five seconds down, five 
seconds up, and focus on removing any pause at the top or bottom
of the movement. Then, try the same for lunges and leg curls. Then
move onto calf raises and apply the same concept with slightly 
shorter times: three second down and three seconds up with no 
pauses in between. This manipulation of tempo will help with 
any exercise that has momentary breaks in tension or exertion.

Instead of adding weights or reps to your next workout, try slowing
down the exercises and increasing difficulty with slow, continuous
tension techniques. When attempting to achieve maximum strength, 
size, and definition, the key is variety. 

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Slow Continuous Tension Training

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