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Ecdy-Bolin Review

I am a pretty avid lifter who has always had trouble gaining 
muscle mass. 

I was getting frustrated because I seemed to be working 
harder but I stayed a stingy 212 lbs. So I went out on a limb
and purchased Ecdy-Bolin. 

I really took notice of my size in the mirror one day. I 
was stunned to see more definition in my chest, arms and 

Curiosity get the best of me so I went to the scale and 
was astonished, I went from a 215 on an empty stomach to 
223 on an empty stomach.  WOW!

Not only did this product put size and definition on me, 
I feel great. Friends of mine who I only see during football 
season (now) too notice to my size difference and said "It 
looks like you had a great off season!" 

I see finally there is a product out there that will 
increase your size and mass while at the same time you 
see noticeable gains in strength. 

Thank you so much!

James Botti, Lincoln DE

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     Fitness Tips For 12/14/2011

Slow Reps or Fast Reps

By Oliver Wolter, inventor of The X-Size Program
see Bodybuilding Software 

There is quite a controversy going on about rep cadences. Some 
superslow advocates recommend rep speed of 20 seconds or more for 
each rep, compared to others who claim that explosive training is the
variable that is responsible for adaptation. Who is right? What is 
the best rep speed?

Well, the answer is up to the individual. Not everyone will enjoy 
slower training. I know that I found the 1 rep chin (30 seconds both 
ways) to be very boring. It also was difficult to make any meaningful 
measurements, since the slower movements require smooth motion, which 
may not be practical if you find you develop more strength with lower 
time under tensions (50 seconds or less). On the flip side, explosive 
lifting is dangerous. No one actually believes that the faster you 
lift, the safer the exercise becomes. Just imagine your squatting 
with your 1 rep max. You drop to the bottom quickly, and with all 
your strength you try and reverse the direction, so that you can 
stand back up. Now, as the barbell drops, it picks up momentum. Keep 
in mind that as you drop, you may not be emphasizing the negative 
portion of the movement, since there would be  little resistance on 
the muscle, which is very important. Now, the difficult part; stopping
the barbell. As the barbell drops, it picks up momentum. Therefore it 
"feels" heavier. There is too much force placed on your connective 
tissues. Similar to the explosion upwards, you have to exert quite a 
bit of force to stop, and change its direction. This can lead to 
injuries because the force placed on the tissues is not very 

Slower movements allow a more "even" distribution of force on the 
muscles, throughout the range of motion. I generally stick with a 5
second positive, with a 5 second negative for all my larger body 
parts. Other muscle groups such as calves and forearms do not have 
the range of motion that squats or chins have, therefore I may move 
a bit faster. I have found that this rep cadence is fast enough to 
keep my concentration, but slow enough to reduce any stored energy 
that may build up.

To end this article, I would like to clear up the myth that explosive
lifting improves the speed at which your muscle contracts. A faster 
muscle is a stronger muscle. Let me phrase that a different way, from
a different angle. A muscle cannot get faster, without improving its
strength. Concepts do not exist in isolation, but as a group. That 
is, you cannot isolate speed, from strength. For example, a sprinters
improvement in speed is the result of his increased strength 
(ability to exert force).

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To your success,


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Slow Reps or Fast Reps

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