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     Fitness Tips For 7/23/2014

How to Get Split Biceps

split biceps
Shaping the Split Biceps Big is not the only factor in a hot pair of guns. If you can make them gnarly, loaded, ripped, and yes, split, they look even more impressive. If fact a split bicep looks freaky bad, and makes any pair of guns look unique. There is, for sure, a genetic component in the ability to create a split in the biceps. That is, because of their genes, some people have a predisposition toward a split bicep. For instance, Boyer Coe, a former bodybuilding superstar who had one of the best split biceps around, found out that his dad also had a similar look to his biceps. What does a split bicep look like? You can google Boyer Coe for an idea, or better yet, check out a guy named Bertil Fox, and look at his flexed bicep. It was split beyond belief. So genetics really helps out in the area of a split biceps. But who says you donít have that gene also? You will never know unless you get to work on the biceps, and work them hard. Even if you donít have the natural predisposition toward a split biceps you can help them down the road toward a split with a some specific work. Some guys have found that training the brachialis muscle helps create some split action in their biceps. And that translates into lots of hammer and reverse curls, as well as reverse grip chin ups (narrow hand placement) to work the brachialis. Another factor is how ripped your overall body is. If you are carrying too much body fat you wonít see any split in your biceps at all. You need to be lean, with minimal body fat percentage (under 10 percent as a minimum, and probably much lower) to see that split. Finally, some hardcore, tight pumping work helps as well. Use the concentration curl with dumbbells to get this tight pump in the biceps, and really focus on crushing out the final few tough reps for several sets in a row at the end of your workout. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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How to Get Split Biceps

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