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     Fitness Tips For 2/18/2015

Are Squats Bad for Your Knees

The truth of the matter depends on how you squat as any incorrect squatting technique can and will eventually cause an injury. The first step in avoiding any knee injury that you might get from squatting is to learn the anatomy of the knee so that you know the ligaments and the muscles involved in any knee flexion. Accessories like knee wraps and squat shoes as well as a good weight belt can help prevent injury as well but for the sake of simplicity we will concentrate on how to squat right as squats will not damage your knees if you squat correctly. If you train at a gym it would be a good idea to get someone who you respect in leg development to take a look at your form while you squat. The quadriceps muscles are able to contract a lot more efficiently when your feet are pointing just a little outward and never straight ahead. Be careful of how wide your stance is when squatting as a very wide stance will call in your adductors to help to assist the quads. The use of adductors when squatting can often be the reason for injury as it places too much stress on the medial collateral ligament causing abnormal cartilage loading, as well as improper patellar tracking. So the first step in squatting correctly is to place your feet at the correct angle. When descending down with a weight on your shoulders/traps you need to make certain that your knees never pass over your feet. This places enormous shearing stress on the patellar ligament and should be practiced with a light weight before going heavy. Always make 100% certain you have the flexibility in your hips and your Achilles tendon to perform a squat correctly before adding weight. Make sure that your knees are pointing in the same direction as your feet are pointing when you go down as well as coming up when you squat. Often weight trainers who know the importance of squatting to increase core strength start to point their knees inward as they ascend to the top of the squat. This places too much stress on the medial ligaments of the knees and could ultimately lead to a knee injury. Always warm up correctly before squatting and that means more than just 12 reps with no weight, you need to make sure you are starting to break sweat before you start squatting heavy. Remember that warm taffy does not break like cold taffy does, it is the same with your knees. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Are Squats Bad for Your Knees

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