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     Fitness Tips For 6/19/2013

Starting A Fitness Program

Your fitness program depends on your goals, there is cardio, 
strength or power training, muscle building, and flexibility. If 
you have never exercised before I suggest seeing a doctor first 
and get cleared to participate in physical activity. Your best 
choice would be to join a fitness club. They usually offer personal
trainer services, at the least there will be someone to assist you 
if necessary. 


Stretching should be done with every workout and be a regular part 
of your fitness program. When you stretch regularly it will improve
athletic performance and decrease your risk of injury. It also 
provides a better range of motion and helps to elongate the muscles. 

Weight Lifting

There are two basic types of training, strength training and 
bodybuilding. The type of training you do depends on your need or 
goals. All three involve using progressive resistance using weights 
or machines.

Strength Training

Strength training is targeted towards making you stronger, it forces
your tendons, muscles, and bones to develop and work together while
becoming more powerful. Strength training should be performed with 
75 to 100% percent of your one rep(repitition) max for 1 to 6 reps.


With Bodybuilding the goal is to develop the mass (size) of muscles 
while strengthening the tendons and bones. It is most effective 
using resistance in the range of 60 to 80% of your one rep max for 
6 to 10 reps.


Cardio exercises are the best for dropping weight, they elevate 
your heart rate and you keep it in your target zone for a period of

Cardio strengthens your heart, improves your lung capacity, reduces
stress and the risk of heart attack.  There are many choices for 
how you do your cardio, it would depend on your interests.

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Starting A Fitness Program

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