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     Fitness Tips For 5/30/2012

Stretching for Muscle Growth

Building muscle is one of the most sought after endeavors for many
people. Since people want to be in good shape, look better and feel
better, exercising is the key thing to do in order to achieve this 
objective. As well as lifting weights, doing resistance training, 
doing cardio and eating well there is another way to help muscle 
growth. The other way in which someone can maximize the growth of 
their muscles is to stretch. Stretching provides people with yet 
another dimension of muscle building. If you stretch on a regular 
basis you will be able to enhance the muscle development process 
and look better.

The first way in which stretching helps build muscle is it limites
and prevents muscle soreness. By stretching you will be able to 
inscrease the range of motion for the particular muscle. When the 
range of motion is increased you will be able work the muscle out 
harder. As the muscle is worked out harder it will get more 
resisitance and therefore develop better. You will also be able to
work out the entire muscle instead of just part of it and therefore
enhance your muscle growth. So stretching allows people to work out
the entire muscle with a complete range of motion.

When stretching the muscles you work with a material known as the 
fascia. The fascia is a bag or envelope like tissue that holds the
muscle in the proper place. Since the fascia is a condensed tissue 
it can limit muscle growth if not utilized properly. However if you
are looking to increase your muscle growth you will need to stretch
this material because it will give the muscle more room to grow. For
a muscle to reach its full growth potential you will need to stretch
the fascia so that the muscles will have more flexibility and 
expansion. With the extra flexibility and expansion the muscle will
have an easier time getting bigger.

During the process of stretching you will want to do this right 
before the workout, during the workout and at the end. By stretching
in various times you will be able to gradually lossen up the muscle 
tissue. It is important to stretch the muscles when they are warm. 
This is important because if muslces are cold they won't be able to 
stretch as much and you can also risk pulling a muscle. When you 
stretch the muscle while they are warm you will have more ability 
to expand and loosen up the muscles. As a result you will be able
to work out the muscles to their fullest and increase their size. 

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checkout HITMAN High Intensity Training.

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Stretching for Muscle Growth

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