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     Fitness Tips For 1/4/2017

The Quickest Way to Lose Fat

What is the quickest way to lose fat? Many people focus on diet and generic exercise both of which work. But the quickest way to lose fat is to use weights. That's right the dynamic that builds up muscle at the same time burns off fat. So you don't want to overlook or forego the weight training as it is the most powerful tool you can bring to the weight loss table. Compound & Heavy Light weight work, especially isolation movements, won't do much for sparking weight loss. It is the big heavy moves, the compound exercises that use several muscle groups working together, that burns off the most fat and does so quickly. That burn of fat actually comes during the "after burn" time when the calories are used up strongly by the body to rebuild itself after the workout. And that process can take quite a while if you have put in a tough workout. So to lose fat fast, squat more. Deadlift more. Perform the clean & press more. Do it more frequently and do it with more poundage. In fact make heavy weight training the center point of your weight loss program. Make the other things, the diet, the cardio exercise, an ancillary element that is done in addition to the key component the heavy weight training. This works for both women and men equally well. In fact ladies will find that if they start lifting heavy and hard, they will get trim fast, and do so all over. Weight lifting is the number one fat loss tool for both women and men. Don't make the common mistake of going all cardio to trim down. Feature weight lifting as the main exercise to trim down, even as you drop some calories on the meal side. And then let the weight come off. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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The Quickest Way to Lose Fat

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