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     Fitness Tips For 9/28/2011

The Truth About Food Labels

Do You Read Food Labels? Why You Should! 
by Dwayne Hines
When it comes to eating, many people don't get any further than the
description printed on the food product. However, if you want to 
truly eat healthy, you have to read the labels. Why? Labels are 
the only place where you really learn what is in the food.

Food labels are 90 percent accurate due to the fact that the 
government requires them to be. Why not 100 percent? The government
allows some fudging with the names and descriptions of food products.
Companies can use strange names or even forgo some items if it is 
considered a trade secret. Of course we all want 100 percent accuracy 
but at least the 90 percent that is out there right now is better 
than nothing. And these labels do provide a fairly good idea on what 
is in the food.

The food label contains the most important item under the 
"ingredients" listing. This is where you always want to look first 
when considering buying a food item.  The ingredients are listed in 
order of weight in the product, with the most listed first, and the 
least listed last. 

The ingredients listing is the most honest glimpse you have on the
food item. The product's main marketing may say "contains no trans 
fat" but the label may list "partially hydrogenated oil" of some 
type. This means that the product does in fact contain trans fat.  
How do they get away with this? The government allows .5 grams or 
less per serving to be considered non-existent.  However, if you 
eat several servings , you are getting too much trans fat.

The ingredient list acts as an interpretation of the label. A label
may show 9 grams of protein. However, if you read the ingredient 
list you find out that the protein comes from soybeans, not eggs 
or milk. The ingredient list acts to clarify the rest of the 

Serving size is another area where you want to keep a sharp lookout
as sometimes the company gets tricky with mini-serving sizes listed. 
Once you start reading labels consistently, and particularly the 
ingredient listing, you will start to discern far better what is 
in the food element you are considering purchasing. The key question
is always  is this ingredient group good or bad for my body? 

Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone"  a new approach to 
building mass muscle fast. See

And "Conditioning for Fighting"  a mixed training approach for those 
who want to improve their fight conditioning. See

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The Truth About Food Labels

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