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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/28/2000                  


By John C. Yobst AS.,CPT,CSTS

You know the feeling, it comes usually the morning 
after a great workout.. the soreness which is sometimes 
unbearable. Well this is what is known as DELAYED 
ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS (DOMS). In this article, we 
will explore some of the causes and remedies of DOMS. 
Most scientists are in agreement on one thing when it 
comes to DOMS, that it is caused by an eccentric muscle 
contraction. An eccentric contraction is defined as the 
lowering or lengthening of a muscle against some form 
of resistance (ie. weights or gravity). Eccentric muscle 
contractions have been shown to cause a greater 
amount of tissue damage to the contractile tissue in the 
muscle. On the other side are concentric muscle 
contractions or the shortening of a muscle against a 
resistance. These are less likely to cause large amounts 
of damage to a muscle cell.

Other points that have been studied in relation to DOMS 
are tissue being torn at the microscopic level and that 
these "microtears" are the cause of the pain. The next one 
is the overstretching of connective tissue 
(ie. tendons/ligaments) that are attached to muscles 
(tendons) are responsible for the pain. The last theory is 
that inflammation caused by training is the reason for the 
pain due to the body trying to heal itself. The following are 
things that are known about DOMS:

1 - The pain from DOMS will begin to manifest itself within 
24-48 hours after training is completed. The pain will usually 
peak within 24-72 hours post-excercise and will be gone
within 7-10 days.

2 - Skeletal muscle is the only type of muscle that is 
affected by DOMS, however it can occurr in any athlete 
regarless of fitness level.

3 - DOMS is not caused by a buildup of lactic acid in the 
muscle. Lactic acid buildup, however, is responsible for the 
intense "burning" sensation which usually accompanies a 
hard training session. The use of over the counter 
anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen may be of help in
only extreme cases.

4 - DOMS is not an indicator of whether or not you had a 
"good" workout. Many people think that if they are not sore 
following a workout that they wasted their time. That is 
nonsense! To have a productive workout, you don't have to 
be sore for days following it.



Book Description 

"Truly Huge" is a bodybuilding training and diet program
for hard gainers and people with average genetics who 
have not been able to gain muscle size and strength with 
traditional training. This easy-to-understand book details the 
exact training and diet to follow to make big gains fast. 

About the Author 

Paul Becker is a natural bodybuilder and successful personal
trainer. After years of wasted effort with traditional bodybuilding 
training, Paul set out to discover what techniques worked for
drug free and genetically average trainees. He then used these
techniques and made the best gains of his life and so did his
clients. With the program tested and proven, he put it in 
book form so anyone can get the fast results this program

Introduction chapter excerpted from Truly Huge. 

The Truly Huge program is based on the idea that for 
every subject or activity there are basic laws. And that
by knowing these laws all questions, controversies, etc.
about the subject would be answered or resolved. Also
that these basic laws must work for everyone, not just
a select few.

This program is built on the basic laws of building 
muscle and will work for anyone (who has a healthy,
unimpaired body to begin with). By knowing and using
these laws trainees having a hard time putting on 
size, will be able to gain at a very acceptable rate.
And trainees already making good gains will be
able to gain even faster.

The purpose of this program is not to refine or shape
already existing mass, or to be used as a precontest 
routine. But to gain as much strength and size as 
quickly as possible.

The test of this program is not if it agrees with some
bodybuilding "authority" or some top champion's
routine. The true test is if it works for you. If you 
apply it exactly and don't alter it or add anything to 
it, it wil work for you. But the only way you will know 
for yourself is to try it. Make you own decision based
on your results.

Good training and may you gain, gain and gain again!

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