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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/3/2001                  

Arm Training - Super Set Weight Lifting Training
By Dan Gallapoo

I've had quite a few people ask me about arm routines.  It seems 
that anybody who ever picked up a weight at one time or another 
wants big arms.  Here's an example of an arm specialization 
program that has worked well for many hard gainers.

One piece of advice:  When specializing on arms, cut the work 
load back a little bit on the rest of your routine. 

This arm specialization  routine is not an easy one.  We'll be 
using super sets.  If you've never done super sets (one exercise 
right after another, with no rest) then you're in for a treat! 

Superset Workout

This arm routine should be done twice per week and no more.  
I would only recommend staying on this specialization course 
for 4 to 6 weeks maximum.

*Dumbbell Preacher Curls - 1 set for 6 to 8 reps.
*Standing Barbell Curls - 1 set for 6 to 8 reps (a little cheating...
I said a LITTLE, on the last few reps is OK).

Do these 2 exercises with no rest in between.  That will be 
counted as one cycle.  Start with only one cycle. (Super sets 
are very intense!)  The second week do two cycles.  Rest for 
90 seconds between cycles.  The third week do 3 cycles, 
again resting for 90 seconds between cycles.  I would never 
recommend doing more than 3 cycles unless you have very 
good recuperative abilities.

*Lying Tricep Extension (sometimes called "skull crushers".  
I usually use an EZ bar.) 1 set for 6 to 8 reps.
*Close Grip Bench Presses (just keep using the same 
weight/bar you've been using for the previous exercise.  Do 
as many reps as you can until failure).
*Standing Dumbbell Extension (Please forgive me if that's not 
the correct name for this exercise.
Here's how you do it:  Grab a dumbbell with both hands, lower 
it behind your head, then extend your arms until it's back 
overhead again.) 1 set of 8 to 10 reps.

Do these 3 exercises with no rest in between.  That will be 
counted as one cycle.  Start with only one cycle.  The 
second week do two cycles.  Rest for 90 seconds between 
cycles.  The third week do 3 cycles, again resting for 90 
seconds between cycles.  Once again, never do more than 
3 cycles unless you have very good recuperative abilities.  
If you're a hard gainer then here's a news flash...you DO 
NOT have good recuperative abilities!  So never more 
than 3 cycles, OK? 


Mike Martin, Fire Fighter, Las Vegas, Nevada - "A couple years 
back there was a charity calendar of local guys being put 
together and I promised to do it. I wanted to look my best so 
I hired a local trainer. Problem was, her diet plan was getting 
me no where fast and time was running out. Not to hurt her
feelings but behind her back I began to change to the KNOW 
HOW BOOK methods. Don was out of town or I would have 
had him train me so instead I had him send me a copy of 
his book. The last few weeks flew by pretty fast and after 
making the changes Don suggested, my trainer thought she 
had suddenly become a magician! She didn't know Don's 
diet was what was literally ripping the fat off my body before 
our very eyes! I wasn't as lean as I wanted to be, but that 
was mostly my fault. I should have stuck to the KNOW HOW 
from day one." 

Michelle Ralabate, Model, fitness professional, Miami, FL - "Here 
is a program worth endorsing! I think it is great that someone is 
finally going to tell it like it is for a change! I met Don in 
Florida way back in 1994 at the NPC National Bodybuilding 
Championships that I won. He asked me then to be one of his 
primary spokeswomen after he saw what I had accomplished 
and I immediately said HECK YEAH! This guy has a lot to 
say for those who want to reach their goals." 

TIGER, actor, martial artist, Los Angeles, CA - "While I have 
put on nearly fifty pounds of muscle, my athletic ability and 
endurance, let alone strength and size, has increased so 
much I am blamed for using steroids on a daily basis! Who 
eeds them when you got Don Lemmon's KNOW HOW?!" 

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