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     Fitness Tips For 11/2/2005

Shoulder Dumbbell Workout
by Mike DeAngelo

I learned this delt training tip from the great Mike
Francois and who could argue with his delt
development? It involves monopolizing 4 pairs of
dumbells so you might want to try this at a time your
gym is relatively uncrowded. As delts are my favorite
bodypart to train I took to this routine like a
bulldog to a meat truck: 
Lay 4 pairs of dumbells {each bell on either side of
you} as you are sitting on a seated, backed* bench. 
Use 10-pound increments from lightest to heaviest. I
personally use {after a 2 set warm-up with 20's for 20
reps} 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's. 
Press overhead while seated: 50's for 8 reps.
                             60's for 8 reps.
                             70's for 8 reps.
                             80's for 8 reps.
That's one set. Rest 3 minutes. Then press overhead:
                              80's for 6 reps.
                              70's for 6 reps.
                              60's for 6 reps.
                              50's for 6 reps.
The second set. Rest another 3 minutes. There is no
rest between poundages. The only rest is just long
enough for you to drop the previous dumbells and grab
the next poundage. After this 3 minute's rest:
                               50's for 4 reps.
                               60's for 4 reps.
                               70's for 4 reps.
                               80's for 4 reps. 
The low rep range from 6 to 8 means nothing since you
are doing basically "giant sets". That's it. After a
heavy-breathing break you can do your lateral raises,
bent-over laterals, upright rows, whatever, etc...This
is guaranteed to pack on size. My delts grew like a
feces-fertilized flower in 5 weeks doing only this
routine, no laterals, uprights, bent-overs, etc.
*Another little secret I learned from Mike is if you
have no back problems do your seated overhead press on
a bench with NO BACK. This forces your side delts to
work on the press whereas with a backed bench your
front delt heads would be predominant, as in the
military barbell press. But go easy on the poundage if
you try this.  Adios, amigos...

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