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     Fitness Tips For 1/4/2006 

Common Bodybuilding Mistakes           
Bodybuilders worldwide tend to make very similar mistakes. I've 
done my share of both American and European gyms, and for 
some reason people seem to be falling into the same traps 
regardless of geographical position. Why? One reason is EGO. 
Ego can be a good thing, if used to spur yourself beyond previous
achievements, but it should never be allowed to set common 
sense aside. Joint pain while warming up? You know you should 
back off, but your ego urges you not to "lose face" in front of your 
buddies. Result: You go heavy anyway, and get a torn pectoral 
muscle that'll take months to heal.

Another reason is plain misinformation. Anyone reading the mags 
knows that the "experts" all say different things.  "Avoid upright 
rows!" "Upright rows are great!" "Never squat below 90 degrees!"
"Go all the way down when squatting!" "Keep upper arms fixed 
while doing french presses" "Bring'em all the way down over 
your head to get maximum stretch" And so on.The confusion is 
total, and somewhere in the mess a lot of people injure 

Yet another culprit is believing the myths, such as that cardio is 
superior to weight training when it comes to getting in shape, 
the pros are clean and that fat is the root  of all evil. Right - and 
I spotted Elvis during his squat-routine today at the gym. The 
big and the small myths are always circulating, and of course 
some have a  core of truth hidden deep inside while others 
don't, like it usually is with myths. However, I thought I'd 
point out a few common mistakes I've noticed during my 
active years.

Judging by the scale

The guy with lovehandles hanging out over his pants,  happily 
proclaiming: "Hey guys, I've gained another three poounds 
since last week!" is easy to spot. He's made the classic diet 
mistake of judging himself by the scale instead of the mirror. 
People on a deff usually get horrified when discovering how 
much they're losing, but as long it's fat and not muscle, it's all 
right. And of course, the opposite holds true with the weight 
gainer. Gaining three pounds of muscle is great, while gaining 
2.8 pounds of fat and 0.2 pounds of muscle is not. Remember: 
A caliper and the mirror is your judge, not the scale!

Focusing on weight only

On a good day, a person might bench press, say, 300 pounds 
for 8 strict reps. He feels great, rightfully so, but the next time 
he goes into the gym to do the same he hasn't had enough 
sleep and haven't been eating properly, and in addition his 
boss kicked his ass at the office earlier, so he's quite far 
from focused on the job at hand. This time, he panics as he 
realize that he's not gonna make eight, but will hit the wall at 
four or five! So, he arches his back, bounces the bar off his 
chest and uses momentum to get the load up. OK - he made 
it to eight by cheating badly, but the next time he trains he
cheats again and gets a nice 10 reps instead! Great - he's 
made terrific gains! Or has he? Now that he starts loading on 
even more plates he's left the slim path of strict form, but the 
question remains: Do his MUSCLES work any harder? It's 
muscle stimulation that causes growth, not the weight itself.
The weight is only a means to an end - which is stimulating 
growth. Your MUSCLES couldn't care less about how much 
weight is moving around you, all it cares about is how much 
of that weight it has to lift. Else you'd make terrific gains by
sticking around construction sites where several tonnes
are lifted all around you all day long.

Not resting enough

You grow while you rest, not while working out. If you train
before fully recuperated, you've never given the body any
chance for growth. Ergo: training a lagging bodypart twice
as often is only making sure it lags even MORE behind!

Never changing the program

The muscles grow because they accustom themselves to
the demand being put onto them. If you never change the
way they're trained - the DEMAND - they won't have a
reason to keep improving - growth. Make it your goal to
shock your muscles at least every other workout, by
altering the number of reps, sets, exercises, rep speed 
and such.

Skipping meals before training

When you're going to train your weights, your main source
of fuel is carbs. Simple logic suggests that eating lots of
carbs during the day before the workout is a good idea.
 And that's exactly what you should do, Sherlock! Make sure
it's complex carbs, such as pasta, rice or potatoes, and
you're peaked when entering the gym. Save the simple
carbs for immediately after the workout, when your body
needs it for quick energy (raisins, rice cakes, bananas

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