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     Fitness Tips For 1/18/2006 

Editors note: 
A little something different this issue - bodybuilding poetry!

Look At Me On This Stage - A Bodybuilding Poem 
by layne lucas

hey what is going on man?
out there to all my brother athletes
ya man our bodies have come a long way
we've worked out from head to feet
now is the time to test our strength
in a teen bodybuilder show
we know we are all the best
first place only goes to one though
let us show our muscles big and bad
show them things we've never had
give everything we have to judges
as we gave it to the iron pump
so now my turns comes up
and my body is looking good 
the blood flows head to feet
as i am nervous showing positions
but i will keep my head on strait
as the judges tally up the scores
im nervous looking at myself 
in the mirror in the bathroom
telling myself yes yes yes
im all i can be in jesus christ
and this body is made from the father
and they call me as i walk back on stage
i got first place and i am so proud
so i thank God for giving me this award
for all my hard work i spent hours on
i love you my homeboys as always
but my girl is waiting on me now
and you know always i gotta go
my girl picked me up in the parking lot
as i slid down the rail on the stairs
i through the trophy in the air
and i picked her up in my arms
and she was the most beautiful creature
at this point i have ever seen in a different light
and i just swing you around and around
feet dangling off the ground as always
because you were there always for me
when nobody else would be there at all
so lets kiss and make love tonight 
like never before in this world
so we are off for the night
the head lights fade now
we say make love and good night

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