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     Fitness Tips For 2/1/2006 

Ab Secrets!
by David Pat 

Abdominal Secrets Revealed

1. You would be surprised but most people do their Ab 
exercises wrong. What I mean is that they are going through 
the motions rather than feeling the full contractions of 
each crunch/abduction motion. 

The key to nailing down an exercise is to ďfeelĒ every 
exercise. If you are doing crunches and donít even notice 
your abs are working then it's wrong. Really concentrate on 
what your abs are doing. A lot of people will cheat on 
exercises because it burns less or because itís easier. 
Well of course itís easier, youíre not doing it right! 
No pain, no gain. 

2. Consistency is essential to training abs. I recommend 
that when youíre first starting out; work your abs twice a 
day. By this I mean that you do crunches first thing in 
the morning and right before bed. It is hard to overtrain 
abs because most of the time your working without weights
and abs recover quicker than other muscles. 

3. Make it fun! If you dread working your abs then of course
youíre going to hate it. Your body is unique and not 
everything works for everyone. Continue inventing ways to 
bring out your abs. An easy test to see if something works 
is to do a lot of it and if youíre sore the next day then 
it was probably good. Thereís a difference between pain and 
soreness, think before you act, most things are common sense.

Finals Words

Abdominal muscles are probably one of the most popular 
muscles in the human body. Watch enough infomercials and it
is easy to see that everyone wants to have awesome abs. 
Most people donít put their desire into action though. Itís
not enough to just want something. You have to take steps
to pursue that goal. Donít quit when it gets hard or start 
missing workouts or cheating on your diet. Donít be a slacker! 
Hard work pays off. You reap what you sow. 

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