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     Fitness Tips For 2/15/2006 

My Health And Fitness Story
By Roland Chambers

Rather long winded dissertation, but here is my journey back to health.
This is written only as what I did, and is in no way meant to be 
construed as advice to others.
I had always been in reasonably good shape, until at age 42 I started 
having back problems. Two surgeries for ruptured discs followed, at 
age 60, the back really went out. I postponed further surgery. Then 
came weight gain, with more health problems which snowballed. 

I was up to 233 lbs. at 5'9" and decided enough, was enough. I first 
began light physical activities, then on to moderate exercise, I 
started walking more and cutting back on caloric intake, bringing 
further improvements.
Supervised bydoctor beginning one year ago, I have now reduced calorie 
intake to 1200 a day. I purchased a Gold's Gym XR5 exercise center 
and began to do light weight training, insuring I keep the back out 
of compression.
Today at age 66, I am now down to 175 lbs (goal is 160). I am now doing 
once a week exercises with progressively heavier weights and walking 
two miles to post office three times weekly. 

The weight loss was through no fad diet, just very careful monitoring 
of intake. I found the best way for me was to buy the frozen lean 
cuisine gourmet type dinners ranging from 220 to 340 calories each.  
This is my main meal of the day, with additional frozen/fresh 
vegetables and fresh fruit eaten at mid day.
For breakfast I put 1/2 banana, scoop of vanilla or chocolate whey 
protein, 1/4 cup dried milk, cinnamon, cup of water and ice cubes 
into the Vitamixer blender, which gives forth a great shake.
Late afternoon I have a white meat or lean ham and fresh spinach or 
lettuce salad with rice or malt vinegar.
I drink several cups of coffee (research by some show it to be a 
powerful antioxidant) with no sugar or cream.  I do put a heaping 
table spoon of chocolate or vanilla whey protein and skim milk 
into each cup. Mixed and foamed up with electric hand blender, it 
makes a delicious hot drink which rivals any coffee bar concoction.
I take diet supplements to include; one complete multi vitamin/mineral 
capsule, Glucosamine, vitamins E & C,  Omega-3 fish oil, calcium, 
whey protein and cinnamon.
I have not felt or looked this good in over a decade and have no 
intention of ever backsliding into that life style which created 
many of my health problems to begin with.

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