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     Fitness Tips For 2/22/2006 

Triceps Development
by Zach Bashore

Many people think that by doing hundreds of bicep curls that 
they will build great arms. Doing so will not create large arms, 
instead, it will cause you to overtrain. In fact, only a small 
portion of your arm is your bicep, the larger part of your arm is 
the tricep muscle. You are going to learn what the tricep muscle 
is and common exercises you can do with your bodyweight, or with 

Thet tricep consists of three different muscles: The Brachialis, 
Triceps Brachii, and The Pronator Teres. The brachialis allows 
for flexion at the elbow while the tricpes brachii allows for 
extension at the elbow. The pronator teres allows for flexion at 
the elbow and pronation of the forearm. Knowing how to train 
these muscles properly is a quality very few people possess. 
Once exercise may target an area very well while neglecting 
to hit another section.

When using your bodyweight, there are three exercise that properly 
work all three sections of your tricep. These include bench dips, 
triceps verion dips, and close tricep position pushups. Bench dips 
are fun because you simply lower your body toward the floor by 
bending your elbows until your upper arms and forearms create a 
right angle. Then slowly raise back up to the start position by 
straightening your arms. On the triceps version dips, you need to 
keep your body straight up and down, and try not to lean over or 
you will work more of your lower chest and not your triceps. The 
close tricep position pushups are basically the same as a regular 
pushup with the only difference being that your hands are placed 
side by side, forming a diamond shape.

There are many different tricep exercises that can be done with a 
dumbbell, but I am going to explain my three favorites. The seated 
triceps press is my personal favorite because you place your back 
firmly on a bench, grasping one end of a dumbbell with both hands, 
raising it above your head. When doing the lying dumbbell tricep 
extension you lie on a bench with your head at the very end of it, 
lowering a dumbbell until it is behind your head, and slowly 
lifting the dumbbell back to the starting position. The tate press 
is another personal favorite because it is not very time consuming. 
Lay on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arm 
until it is straight without moving your upper arm or elbows. Go 
slow on the way up, then lower the dumbbells down to your chest.

Reps, sets, and training methods are all going to vary on the 
individual. There are simply to many options you have to explain 
on paper, so you shouldn`t ever become board trying to create a 
proper triceps split. If you don`t like exercising with dumbbells 
or doing bodyweight work, you can use machines, barbells, clubbells,
and even swiss balls to develop a good workout. 

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