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     Fitness Tips For 3/1/2006 

The Aerobic Myth
by Bryan S Kimble

A great deal of the misunderstanding of the function of the
cardiovascular system arises from the use of the word "aerobics" 
to describe a particular exercise protocol. The term "aerobics" 
denotes a metabolic pathway within the body, which yields energy 
through the oxidation of fat and carbohydrate. Literally, 
"aerobics" means: "with oxygen".  

The problem with the thought that long duration "steady-state" 
exercises only utilize the heart and lungs is a myth.  
Resistance/interval training also use and condition the 
cardiovascular and respiratory systems. 

Consider the following:

1.It may take up to consistent 10 hours of "steady-state" 
exercise to burn one pound of fat! Every pound of muscle added 
to the body of an adult will require an additional 75-100 calories 
a day just to keep it alive. The average son, through a 
program of pro strength training, can add enough muscle to 
burn an additional 3500 calories a week (1 lb. of fat = 3500 
calories). The amount of strength training that is required to 
effect such a change is about one hour a week.

2.The heart is a muscle. Pro resistance training can cause the
heart and vascular system to increase in size and effectiveness, 
hence reducing the resting heart rate and blood pressure. Also 
God designed the heart to support the muscular system, not the 
other way around.

3. Dr. Kenneth Coo (author of Aerobics, The New Aerobics, 
Aerobics for Women) admits that "steady-state" exercises may 
be harder on the joints than resistance training.  For example, 
this is the reason that more runners than people engaged in 
strength training have knee replacements.

And the list goes on for the benefits of resistance training over
"steady-state" exercises.

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