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     Fitness Tips For 3/22/2006 

The Best Butt Shaping Exercises

Are you happy with your butt? Most of us aren't. They're too small, 
too big, too saggy, too flabby...this list goes on. The right 
exercises can make the  difference in your backside and help you 
get those buns of steel. We have listed the 3 best exercises for 
strengthening and firming up your rear.

Exercise one - The squat

The squat is the single best exercise for strengthening, toning and 
shaping the thighs and bum.

1. Stand tall with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. 
Point your toes out somewhat (imagine your big toes pointing to 10 and 
2 on a clock). Reach out with your hands and hold your arms straight 
out throughout the exercise.

2. Begin to bend the knees and lower you butt towards the floor 
(Imagine your are trying to sit down in a low chair). Pause when your 
thighs are parallel with the floor. Push your feet into the floor and 
begin to stand up straight.

Repeat 10 - 15 times. Rest 1 minute then perform another 10 - 15 

Exercise two - The lunge

Another great exercise which not only works the butt, but also works the 
upper legs is the lunge.

1. Stand tall with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. 
Keep your toes pointing to 12 on the clock. Take one giant step back with
 one foot - Your back foot will be on its toes somewhat. To aid balance 
either place your hands on your hips or lightly hold a solid object.

2. Slowly bend the knee of the front leg. You will find that the back 
knee begins to descend towards the ground. Pause when the back knee is 
approximately 6 inches from the floor. Press the front foot into the 
floor and begin to straighten both legs.

Repeat 10 - 15 times. Rest 1 minute then perform perform 10 - 15 
repetitions on the opposite leg. Repeat again on both legs.

Butt kickers

As the name suggest this exercise works one muscle and one muscle 
only. The butt (See the action photograph on the Women's main page).

1. Position yourself on all four - hands and knees in contact with the 
floor. Gently lift one foot off the ground.

2. With the lifted leg maintaining a bend in the knee, raise the foot 
high above your bottom. Hold and squeeze for 2 seconds. Slowly lower
and repeat 15 times.

Perform this exercise on each leg twice.


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