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     Fitness Tips For 5/3/2006 

Back Mass Workout

Bentover barbell row, warm-up x15, 5 sets x 10-8-6-6-4
Wide grip pulldown, warm-up x15, 4x8-10
Seated lat row, 4x10-8-6-6 supersetted with
Pullover (stiff arm or bent arm), your choice depending on shoulder 
structure and health, 4x10-6-6-6


The Bentover Barbell Row:
The barbell row is a powerful systemic movement that, like squats 
and deadlift, puts demand on the total body. Build your muscle and strength
over an extended period with minor poundage increments and solid well-formed
reps. Small thrusts are okay, but will take their toll on the low back which
 bears the extreme load of the highly stressed fulcrum. Be aware. Let the 
lumbar and erectors build in power as you slowly progress. Choose a 
shoulder-width stance, with your hands grasping the bar 8-12" to the 
left and right of each shoulder. Keep your back flat and rest your ribcage 
somewhat on the quads for some support to help relieve low back overload. 
Pull bar to the chest at a medium speed: high chest works upper back, mid 
chest - mid back, low pull toward gut - low back. Find your favorite target 
or vary as needed. Deep breath, stay tensed. 

Medium-Wide Grip Pulldown:
Positioned directly below the overhead pulley with your arms near fully 
extended, pull the bar to your chin or just below as you look upward. 
Your back should be arched, your chest straining toward the bar with your 
elbows back, not forward, all positioned to fully recruit the entire lat 
complex - width and length.

Allow a sufficient lean and tug to accomplish your well formed reps, but 
no excessive thrusts. Don't cheat - no momentum - you loose. Feel, locate,
pump, burn and grow.

If chins are your challenge these days, by all means do them instead.

Seated Lat Row or Long Pull (exercise 1 of superset):
The knees are out of the way, your favorite close grip handle is extended
 fully forward as you reach forward. Pull the handle tightly into the 
waist as you arch your back to contract the rhomboids, ending in a seated 
upright position - very slight 5-10% lean. Very nice, have fun with the 
purposeful negative. No thrusting, no momentum - strictly muscle power. 
This is to be supersetted with your stiff arm or bent arm pullovers.

Pullovers (exercise 2 of superset):
The stiff arm pullover can be performed with a barbell or a dumbbell. It's
a feel-good power stretch that engages the lats, the underside of the bis
and tris and minor pec as it puts the rotator cuff through its ranges. 
Longitudinal abdominal muscles come into play to stabilize the torso.

Ok. You're lying on your back, head on one end of the bench, your feet up
 on the other end and a dumbbell or barbell is grasped in your hands 
straight overhead - your starting position. Take in a deep breath as 
you slowly lower the dumbbell with stiff arms/straight arms (elbows locked) 
behind your head till your arms are in line with your torso - or, parallel 
to the floor - reverse the motion and return to the starting position, 
exhaling as you do. Pause momentarily and repeat. Great stretch, great lat 
pump, great relief movement that promotes posture awareness. Lots of blood 
circulating oxygen and nutrients to Wake up, Stimulate, Revive and Refresh.

This routine is to be performed twice a week.

Once a week at the end of your heavy leg workout, add 4 sets of power 
deadlifts, warmup x15, 5 sets x 10-8-6-4 reps, incrementing each set enough
to make it tough, but don't draw blood.

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