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     Fitness Tips For 5/10/2006 

Preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
By Rico 

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) includes muscle soreness, stiffness, 
fatigue and weakness. The sensation of pain and discomfort, can impair 
physical training and sports activities. DOMS is generally the worst 
within the first 2 days following the activity and subsides over the 
next few days. 

If you'd like to try it, I have, at least for my body type, a sure fire 
prevention of DOMS. As stupid, obvious, ridiculous as it may sound - Raw 
Broccoli does it. Consumed over the course of the day, after an intense 
sure-to-give-you-DOMS workout, 4 - 6 portions of RAW broccoli will prevent
the onset of DOMS. It will not remove the damage already done, so if I 
wait more than 6 - 8 hours before I start eating it, the DOMS has already 
started, and depending on my level of fitness, or specifically, the health
of the muscle group that I have attacked, and the time and amount consumed, 
I may start eating it then and prevent further trauma, but what DOMS has 
started has to follow course although its recovery may be expedited somewhat.

I weigh about 215, am approaching 52, have started my 14th trial of broccoli 
and would like to provide the assurance that every program embarked upon 
has seen near miraculous results. I am currently working on the notion of 
the raw broccoli speeding recovery significantly since after over consuming, 
say about a good bunch and a half, I can workout the same groups again the 
next day to some specific levels of intensity.

I have tried parboiled, cooked, and frozen broccoli, as well as some 
broccoli supplements and 'green' supplements (barley greens, greens plus, 
etc) and they have no appreciable effects for DOMS. It appears that 
whatever it is in raw broccoli is easily destroyed so the greenest, freshest, 
firmest heads seem the best.

I would encourage anyone that plagues themselves occasionally with DOMS, 
or if you are interested in checking out the possible accelerated recovery 
effects of raw broccoli, please try it and let me know how it works out.

I get the odd response occasionally from people that sound interested but 
then don't hear a word back. Perhaps it sounds too simple, or too easy, or 
most likely "why has no one discovered this before?" All I can say is that 
in discovering things right in front of us, as seems to happen sometimes, 
it has to be found out sometime.

Whatever the mechanisms or nutritional components that are in broccoli 
I do not think that it has been examined close enough yet.

So for any workout that may trigger DOMS I recommend a full, good size 
head of raw broccoli be eaten over the next 6 - 16 hours. For those 
worried about flatulence/gas, for me it disappears after starting to eat
 it regularly for about 2 days. Maintenance levels are at about half a 
good sized head taking additional amounts for any workout in question.

I have tried starting working out as intense as I possibly can, ensuring
I eat at least a head and haven't gotten DOMS since using it. At the very 
most. at the worst, I have had only a slight sensitivity of the effected 
muscle groups when pressed against fairly hard, [it is a very weird 
sensation when this occurs and disappears fairly quickly say about 8 
hours later, feeling "buzzy" is the best way I can describe it.] The 
muscle does not have tightness or pain when fully stretched or fully 
contracted allowing for complete painfree movement and workouts.

Perhaps it is only me, my blood type or body type, and unfortunately I 
do not think there is any commercial viability since the active 
mechanisms seem to be destroyed fairly easily (freezing, drying, etc) 
so have nothing to gain by keeping it to myself.

One more thing is that the post-workout recovery effects being proposed 
may require "broccoli loading" or consuming some in the "window" (as 
soon after working out as possible.)  This amount is just like an 
additional good serving size and, a little more may be needed ( 1/2 a 
head), at least that is the level initially being proposed.
The mechanisms for DOMS prevention and recovery may be one in the 
same but the effects of raw broccoli in DOMS prevention is, admittedly,
much more apparent.
I know you're still skeptical but if you can get over taking this 
simple advice I am sure that you will be really surprised at how well
it works.

Please let me know. Thanks, and great training.
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