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     Fitness Tips For 5/31/2006 

Three Common Types of Body Fat Testing
by Zach Bashore

Body fat percentage is simply a measurement of the body's muscle 
to fat ratio, marked as a percentage. This article is going to 
explain the three most common ways to accurately measure your body
fat: DEXA, fat calipers, and judgement based testing. You may 
also learn some new things about body fat that you previously 
didn`t know beforehand.

The best and most accurate way of testing a person`s bodyfat is by 
Dual X-Ray Absortiometry, also known as DEXA. DEXA is performed by 
using a whole body scan and two different low dose X-Rays to read 
bone and soft tissue mass. DEXA is virtually painless and only 
takes ten to twenty minutes to perform a scan. You can simply call
a doctor and schedule an appointment to get tested. DEXA`s should 
not cost you an arm and leg either, but the price can be somewhat 
high for someone on a budget. One can expect to get one performed 
for roughly $150.

The second most effective body fat test is by that of fat calipers. 
These can be annoying since you have to clip them to different areas
of your body, but they are fairly accurate for as little as they cost.
To get an accurate measurement of your body fat, measure each muscle 
group, and then use your math skills to determine an average number. 
A good caliper should cost you no more than thirty dollars, but don't
fall for a cheap one that won`t last any longer than a week.

nother way of testing your body fat, and one that is solely based on 
experience, is by using judgement based body fat testing. Again, this
method takes years of practice to be able to determine the exact number,
but if you are experienced then it should come along naturally. 

Basically, if you have a six-pack or can see your abs, then you have 
ten or lower percent bodyfat. You still need to take into account the 
other factors such as genetics and the parts of your body that store 
more fat than others, but you get the picture.

All of these methods are useful when trying to determine one's body 
fat. You need to determine which method is best for you based on 
experience, financial stability, and whatever your fitness goal may be. 
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