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     Fitness Tips For 6/7/2006 

Dietary Fiber
By Zach Bashore

It's not only the average American who isn`t getting enough fiber 
in their diets, but studies have shown that even fitness minded 
people aren't getting enough. Why is this? We are supposed to be 
educated people when it comes to getting good nutrition and it 
comes as a major surprise that we are not getting enough. This 
article is going to explain the basics of dietary fiber. You will 
learn what fiber is, its benefits, best fibrous foods, best 
supplements to use, and the side effects of consuming to much of it.

What Is Dietary Fiber?

According to the encyclopedia, dietary fibers are defined as the 
indigestible portion of plant foods that move food through the 
digestive system and absorb water. There are two types of fiber: 
Soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber slows down digestion of the 
foods you eat in the stomach and small intestine. This stabilizes 
blood glucose levels by slowing down the conversion of other 
carbohydrates into glucose. Insoluble fiber actually increases the 
rate of digestion and helps prevent digestive disorders such as 
constipation. It also reduces the absorption of salt, reduces the 
risk of high blood pressure, and eliminates toxins from the 

Sources of Dietary Fiber

The best sources of fiber are whole grain cereals, beans, oats, 
fruits, and vegetables. Many of the fibrous food you eat may have 
been a part of a refining process where the amount of fiber stated 
on the label is actually decreased, so keep that in mind if you're
trying to watch amount of fiber you eat. If you`re having trouble 
getting enough fiber in your diet or simply cannot stand the 
taste of fibrous foods, I highly encourage you to increase your 
fiber intake by use of supplements. Products such as Metamucil, 
Citrucel, Hydrocil, and Konsyl are all good supplements to add to 
your arsenal.

The average fiber intake should range from 20-35 grams daily. You 
need to determine how much you need by size, age and current 
health problems. According to recent USDA surveys, the average 
person only consumes 12-17 grams of dietary fiber daily, which is
way too low. You still need to find a healthy balance and not go 
overboard with the fiber, either, because too much of it can cause
diarrhea and bloating.

There are more obese people than ever before and the rate will
keep growing higher and higher until people actually start eating
more fiber. I am not saying that consuming more fiber is the 
miracle cure to obesity, but it will help. Fiber makes you feel 
less hungry, gives you more energy, and keeps your body 
functioning properly. There is no reason why one wouldn't 
want to increase their fiber intake. 

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