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     Fitness Tips For 6/14/2006 

What Are The Best Whole Grain Cereals?
By Zach Bashore

If you`ve been to the grocery store lately you probably have noticed the 
new trend going on with breakfast cereals. Many of your favorite cereals 
have switched to whole grain wheat as the main ingredient. Are these 
cereals good for you or is this just another gimmick used by companies to 
sell more of their product? I am going to explain some of the positives 
and negatives associated with the "healthy cereals" you have recently 
been eating. I am also going to give you some examples of the different
marketing techniques used by cereal manufactures to sell more of their 
product to the consumer.

In the past couple of years cold cereal has been given the reputation of
being unhealthy. Since most cereals contain high amounts of sugar, most 
of us try keeping away from them. The sugar can make you even more 
hungry and you could end up eating more than your body requires. It is 
also considered a high G.I. carb source which can spike your insulin 
levels rapidly, leaving your body feeling low on energy. Considering 
that cereal companies have switched to whole grain, it leaves you 
wondering if it's actually a good part of your diet.

Many cereals such as Frosted Mini Wheats and Wheaties have been around 
for years. Most of these cereals also contain a decent amount of fiber 
which helps with digestion and also makes you feel full faster. People 
always considered these as a healthy part of your breakfast so why 
wouldn't the new whole grain cereals be considered a good source of 
carbohydrates as well?

Will all of your favorite cereals switch to whole grain wheat or is this
just another trick used by cereal companies to sell more of their product 
to us? Only time will tell but we also must remember the different 
marketing techniques these companies have used in the past. A good example 
is when they state the cereal is low in fat and people start to think they 
can eat however much of it they want and not gain any fat. People don't 
realize that the sugar in these cereals is just as bad for you as saturated 
fat. They also make you believe that their product is low in calories. If 
you look on the label you will notice it does have a low amount of calories 
but the serving size is less than a cup.

If you want to start eating cereal you must make sure the words "whole grain 
wheat" are the first three words on the list of ingredients or you will be 
doing yourself more harm than good. I love cereal and like the fact that I 
can eat a bowl of my favorite brand without feeling guilty afterwards. 
Portion control is crucial. You must have the discipline to control how 
much you eat no matter how healthy you think it is. If your having to much
trouble with a good thing then you need to accept the fact that your body
doesn't respond well to a certain food.  If you have that discipline needed 
to control your portion sizes then these new whole grain wheat cereals may 
be for you.

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