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     Fitness Tips For 6/28/2006 

Calories and Energy 

A calorie is a measurement of the energy contained in food. 
Different foods contain different amounts of calories. 
Proteins and carbohydrates contain approximately 4 calories 
per gram, and fats 9 calories. Fats are obviously the most 
efficient fuel when it comes to caloric density, but this
 also makes them undesirable if you are on a low-calorie 
program for fat reduction. 

If you take in more calories than the body can burn off, the 
excess is stored as fat (adipose cells) distributed throughout 
the body. It doesn't matter whether the excess is protein, 
carbohydrate, or fat-the body breaks it down and stores it 
against a time when the body will require more energy than 
provided by food intake. At this point, the fat in the 
adipose cells will be retrieved and metabolized to make up 
the difference. 

If your body has all of the nutrients it needs to function 
optimally, and if you are eating at least the maximum 
quantity of the various foods required at any given time 
by your digestive and energy-producing systems, fat gain 
and fat loss is a matter of simple arithmetic: 

* Eating 3,500 calories more than you need = 1 pound gained 

* Eating 3,500 calories less than you need = 1 pound lost 

But most diets unfortunately do not take these factors into 
consideration, and therefore a number of undesirable things 
can happen: 

1. The body can begin to metabolize muscle tissue 
2. The body's ability to metabolize fat can be impaired. 
3. Various vitamin or mineral deficiencies can occur. 
4. The energy output of the body can be impaired. 
5. A number of physical and psychological symptoms can be

Because of the possibility that these problems can occur, 
any diet regimen (whether for gain or loss) has to take 
into account the body's need for certain nutritional 
minimums and for a relative balance of various foods in 
the daily food intake. 

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