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     Fitness Tips For 7/19/2006 

Periodization Training & Weight Training Frequency

One of the concepts of the effective training theory is with 
increased size and strength gained in resistance training ever larger
stresses are applied during that training without much commensurate 
increase in recovery capacity. You can develop muscular strength and 
generate higher levels of intensity at a much higher rate than you 
can increase your ability to tolerate it. In other words, if you 
consistently follow one fixed training routine and grow stronger over
time, chances are that you will eventually burnout and overtrain. 

So, the first rule to follow is to periodize or cycle your training 
to allow your overall system a chance to recover and compensate. 
During low intensity cycles, your recovery abilities can be fortified
including your immune system. During high intensity cycles, you stress
your recovery abilities to the limit, "pushing the envelope" so to 
speak, and stimulating new muscle growth. You need cycles of both to 
progress consistently. When you periodize your training efforts, it 
gives your body a chance to recover appropriately between intense 
efforts. If you don't plan low intensity cycles in your workouts, 
your body will do it for you by catching that unsuspecting cold, 
pulling a muscle or straining a joint.

Another main issue is muscle training frequency. Routines should be 
designed to stimulate specific bodyparts individually and together. 
Effort should also be made to avoid exercises, which overlap or 
indirectly stimulate the same muscle groups over and over again. 
Overlapping movements will tend to stress the same muscles too 
extensively and possibly too often leading to training plateaus and 

An example would be to aggressively train the chest on Monday, the 
shoulders on Wednesday and the triceps on Friday. There are too 
many overlapping muscle groups involved in all three workouts to 
make any significant progress. In many cases we see most of the 
overlap between upper body movements. Which means the upper-body 
is generally trained twice as frequently as the lower body. Thus, 
lower body training may often be low frequency and low volume 
while upper body training is high frequency and high volume. Its 
interesting to note that most of the trainees we consult initially
report faster gains in their legs compared to their upper bodies. 
By far, the upper body parts most subject to over-training through 
such double dosing are the shoulders and arms. It is simply 
impossible to do any upper body movement without involving these 
two bodyparts. Moreover, its obvious that some of the best movements
presumably for one body part are excellent movements for other body
parts as well. Thus, dips "performed for triceps" are excellent for 
chest and shoulder development and pull-downs performed for upper 
back are excellent for biceps and forearms. Its easy to see that 
using less upper body exercises and focusing on compound movements
can be a beneficial strategy for anyone.

Take a look at your program and try to identify where the over 
lapping movements occur and decrease their frequency or eliminate 
them altogether. Train both the deltoids and arms at a lower 
volume than the rest of your torso since you know they're involved 
in all your other upper body movements. You'll have to take a step 
back in your thinking in order to take two steps forward in your 
physical development.

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