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     Fitness Tips For 7/26/2006 

Exercising while Traveling
by Zach Bashore

Staying fit while traveling is easier than most people 
realize. If you are motivated enough to stay fit then there 
is no doubt that you will achieve whatever you want. Okay 
so I'm motivated, but what will help me maintain a decent 
physique while I'm 500 miles away? You are going to 
learn the basics of fitness while traveling and be able 
to use this information to your advantage.

The equipment you choose is going to be one of the 
toughest choices you make because access to gym equipment
may not become available. You are going to have be creative 
and develop a split based on your goals. Pushups will work 
your chest, shoulders and is a good way to for getting your 
heart rate elevated. Squats and lunges will work your legs. 
Dips from a chair with feet on the floor will work your 
triceps. Jumping rope for 2 - 3 minutes will get your
sweat flowing so don't forget to pack a jump rope in your 
suitcase before leaving.

The other part of the fitness equation is eating right. 
Before you leave and are hitting up the local grocery 
store, you should  be shopping for protein bars, canned tuna,
lean chicken, eggs. Just make sure you  remember to 
refrigerate the eggs and freeze the chicken. When packing 
your meals, you need to choose foods that are slow 
digesting and have an adequate amount of protein. Vegetables
contain a numerous supply of vitamins and minerals and they 
also keep you energized throughout the day. Sandwiches may 
be frozen overnight and will be ready to eat by lunch time 
the next day. For the bread, you should be eating whole 
grain breads but it also must freeze well. 

If you have ankle weights, use them to add resistance to 
your exercises or stick them to your wrists if your dumbbell
is not heavy enough. Make sure that you watch your diet, if 
you eat more than you should, add more jumping jack sessions
to burn the extra calories. 

As I stated previously, being motivated is the only way you 
are going to be able to maintain a decent body while you're 
on the road. I see way too many people, who are into fitness, 
go on vacation, gain five pounds, and come back wondering 
what had happened. You do not want to be one of these people. 
Doing this can also make you quit altogether just from the 
week vacation you took. On the road, do whatever you can do, 
it doesn't matter if it's very little exercise, that's still 
better than doing none since you keep your mind trained that 
it needs to be exercising.

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