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     Fitness Tips For 8/9/2006 

Aspartame Information
By Zach Bashore

Aspartame can be found in many diet sodas and sugar free candies. 
The makers of these products claim that they are healthier because 
they contain fewer calories and less sugar. But is aspartame 
actually healthier? This article is going to explain what aspartame 
is, known side effects associated with consuming, and how these 
side effects occur.

What Is Aspartame?

Aspartame is the methyl ester of amino acids, aspartic acid and 
phenylalanine. Aspartame is mostly used to give people a "sweet 
taste" that is craved when on a diet. But with all the known side 
effects associated with consuming, it makes you wonder if it's 
even worth using.

Aspartame Side Effects

The main problem associated with consuming aspartame is the 
problems it can cause you mentally. The following list sums up 
the known side effects that consumption of aspartame can bring:

* seizures and convulsions
* brain cancer
* dizziness
* phobias
* tremors
* severe headaches
* personality changes
* panic attacks
* memory loss
* irritability
* confusion
* insomnia
* depression
* chronic fatigue

Aspartame can even lead to physical problems such as:

* birth defects
* burning urination & other urination problems
* parkinson's disease
* arthritis
* bloating
* slurring of speech
* infection susceptibility
* rapid heart beat
* joint pain
* asthma
* diarrhea
* fat gain
* high blood pressure
* chest pains

The above side effects happen because methanol is released in the 
small intestine when the methyl group of aspartame encounters the
enzyme chymotrypsin. The methanol is then turned to formaldehyde, 
which is then converted to formic acid. To give you an example of
how dangerous this is,  think of formic acid as an ant sting 
poison, which it is primarily used for. It is also used to strip 
epoxy and urethane coatings, just what your body doesn`t need! 
When aspartame is consumed, the ingredients flow straight to 
your brain, leaving you with all the above symptoms.

Aspartame's dangers don`t effect everyone, but for the vast 
majority of us, we should stay away from it. 

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