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     Fitness Tips For 11/29/2006 

How To Make Your Muscles Look Bigger
By Doberman Dan

I saw a guy in the gym the other day and he looked totally huge.

He was not only big but also really lean and showing lots of cuts. 
He was about the same height as me and I guessed him to be about 
190 lbs.

I struck up a conversation and asked how he stayed so lean.  He
explained that he was training for a local show that was about 
two weeks away.

We talked about his diet and other things (he didn't know he was
conversing with the infamous Doberman Dan) and he shared some
really good ideas.

He then said something that caught me by surprise...

"It's obvious you've got the muscle mass... but you'd look a heck
of a lot better if you got leaner."

You know what... he was right.  I did a bulking cycle a few months
back and my bodyfat had crept up... again.  I got hooked on the
scale going up and up and got up to 190.  For a 5'6" guy with a
small frame, that's a lot.  Probably too much.

My new friend told me to quit worrying about the scale and work on
getting my body fat down.  He said I'd look big that way, too.

I figured this guy was about the same as me, 190 lbs, but
was a whole lot leaner.  He looked huge.  I was absolutely floored
when he told me...

He was 164 lbs

That day I went home and immediately started cutting carbs and
doing all the things I know I need to do to get leaner.

I'll tell you the same thing...

If you have a body fat of 15% or higher, you'll not only look
better leaner... you'll look big, too.

Vince Gironda used to talk about creating an illusion.  You can
create the illusion of being big by being lean.

Vince always used to say, "Do you want to gain fat or do you
want to gain muscle?  How much do you think an extra inch on your
arms is going to add to the scale?"

Hey look, I'm a proponent of bulking up a little to pack on muscle
mass.  But there comes a time when ya gotta lean out, too.

Bulk up when you want to pack on muscle mass quick.  Then lean out
slowly and keep that new mass.  The scale may go down but you'll 
look a lot big and better.

You'll look like a real bodybuilder.

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