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     Fitness Tips For 12/6/2006 

Increasing Workout Intensity

Last Saturday I showed up at the gym at 5:30 PM.  They're normally 
open until 8:00 PM on Saturdays but the guy at the counter informed
me that the new management changed it to 6:00 PM.  I only had 30 
minutes to work chest and back. Bummer.

At first I thought about just blowing off the whole workout but 
couldn't since I was supposed to work chest & back the day before 
and blew it off. I couldn't do that twice in a row.  I just 
determined to work quickly and try to get in enough sets for 
both chest and back before the gym closed.

After a couple minutes warm up I grabbed a couple of 85 lb. 
dumbbells and did a slow controlled set of 8 reps of flat dumbbell 
bench presses. 3 second negative, 2 second positive.  That felt 
pretty good, so I rested about 60 seconds and managed to squeeze 
out 5 reps with the same dumbbells on the next set.

After only another 60 seconds rest, I decided that I wanted to 
do some higher rep sets.  So I picked up a pair of 65 lb. 
dumbbells and lowered myself to the bench.  All of a sudden 
those 65 lb. dumbbells felt almost as heavy as the 85's!  I 
could only squeeze out 8 reps!  What gives?

Still wanting to do at least 12 reps, I dropped down to the 
55's, once again after only a 45 to 60 second rest.  I could 
only squeeze out 8 reps with the 55's and they were feeling 
mighty heavy, too!

Ok, this was getting ridiculous.  I dropped down to 45's 
(normally I use these for my warm up) and finally was able to 
squeeze out a set of 12 reps but my chest was on fire during 
those last several reps.  I was huffing and puffing like a 
steam engine.

Onto my back workout:

Same thing!  Resting only 45 to 60 seconds was fatiguing my 
muscles rather quickly and making me drop to lighter poundages
to stay in the rep zones I wanted to be in.  

See, I usually do heavy sets of 5 to 8 reps with a good 2 to 
3 minutesrest in between.  Cutting my rest times to 60 seconds
or less drastically increased the intensity of my workout.

The next day I was more sore than I've been in a long time. 
Obviously I had imposed a stress that my body wasn't used to.

If you're going a little stale in your workouts, try reducing 
the rest between sets to 45 to 60 seconds and see what happens.  
You might be pleasntly surprised!

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