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     Fitness Tips For 1/10/2007

How To Get Ripped Abs
By Dennis Weis 

Nothing sets off a physique any better than a rippling, "cut-up" 
midsection and exercising it will build internal fitness as well. 
There are no short cuts to a perfect abdomen. The following tips, 
however, will definitely be of help. Try them!
Tip 1: Pick exercises ideal for YOU! Forget those that are used 
by other if they don't suit you. HOW you train is more important 
than WHAT you use... In general, sit ups work most strongly on the 
upper abdominals. Leg raises get the lower region, while suctions 
give internal tone. Twists, side-bends add a finishing touch to 
abdominal appearance. Working the abdomen often is important and 
five sessions of 5 minutes a day will do more than one of 25 

Tip 2: Daily exercise for the abs is superior to three times a 
week for some people. 

Tip 3: Do your abdominals on an empty stomach - immediately after
arising and just before sleeping are the best times... Sets are of
minor importance in waist work. Instead of repeating extra sets, 
do more exercises in your routine. Instead of lower reps, done in 
sets, do more reps.

Tip 4: Only use sets when you cannot reach higher reps, thus 
getting some work done, as you steadily add reps... Very difficult 
movements aren't as effective as basic exercises, performed in 
VERY STRICT style with concentration. Work from one extreme to the
 other, during the movements...

Tip 5: Fine cuts come from "burns", performed at the finish of 
each exercise when muscles are too tired to do more. Be careful 
of cramping when doing this!


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