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     Fitness Tips For 4/4/2007

Summer Fitness Tips
Summer's Comin'
By Jon Miller

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone wants to be ready. 
The newsstands should now be filling up withmagazines; covers filled 
with those "How To Get Ready For Summer Fast" slogans.

We all know what is required to achieve the goal: lower the 
calories in your diet, bump up the cardio work and maybe 
even change your workout style. However, I want to discuss 
the DO NOT's of getting ready for summer. These are the things
 that can put your progress to a halt fast.

First of all, remember not to change your diet rapidly. 
Understand that your body cannot suddenly adapt to a diet with 
1000 less calories a day. Your body will be greatly 
confused and will think it is suddenly being starved. So, 
what's it going to do? It will want to store up as much 
energy as possible for the time ahead. That means it will want 
to store up fat and not let go of what it has. The solution 
is simple. Drop your calorie intake incrementally. For the 
first week, only drop 250 calories a day. The second week, 
drop 250 more calories a day (so now you would be at 500 less 
calories than when you started). Continue dropping 250 daily 
calories each week until you are at the desired daily caloric 
intake. This gives your body time to adjust to dietary changes 
and respond to your wishes.

The same principle applies to your cardiovascular work. 
Obviously, if you have been doing very little cardio work all 
winter, you cannot and should not suddenly start doing 5 45 
minute sessions a week. Start out at 3 20-30 minute sessions 
a week. Each week, add one session and work your cardio up to 
about 40 minutes. I would not go above 5 cardio workouts a 

Now, some people also decide to change their workout routines. 
I believe this is a personal choice. People with slower 
metabolism can really benefit from doing this. Others may not 
need or want to change their workout style. If you do, here 
are a few options. First and foremost, start implementing 
supersets. These combination sets will really get that 
heart pumping and fat burning. The next option is to simply 
cut the time down between sets. Using 30-45 second rests between
sets keeps that heart going, too. Just remember that if you 
were using longer rests, this change may require you drop 
the poundage slightly. 

One final subject is the use of thermogenic supplements. When 
it's time to burn fat, most people want to start on 
thermogenics right away. They do work great. However, you 
may want to wait a few weeks before starting on them. You 
have already made two major changes for your body with
diet and cardio. I believe you should give it some time 
to adjust. Then start on the thermogenics to give the fat 
burning that extra boost.

You just have to give your body the respect it deserves. 
Make changes gradually. Don't throw it too much at once. 
Then it will be nice to you and respond.

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