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     Fitness Tips For 4/11/2007

Different Types Of Diets
Fixed-menu diet. A fixed-menu diet provides a list of all the foods 
you will eat. This kind of diet can be easy to follow because the 
foods are selected for you. But, you get very few different food 
choices which may make the diet boring and hard to follow away 
from home. In addition, fixed-menu diets do not teach the food 
selection skills necessary for keeping weight off. If you start with 
a fixed-menu diet, you should switch eventually to a plan that 
helps you learn to make meal choices on your own, such as an 
exchange-type diet. 

Exchange-type diet. An exchange-type diet is a meal plan with a 
set number of servings from each of several food groups. Within 
each group, foods are about equal in calories and can be 
interchanged as you wish. For example, the "starch" category 
could include one slice of bread or 1/2 cup of oatmeal; each is 
about equal in nutritional value and calories. If your meal plan 
calls for two starch choices at breakfast, you could choose to eat 
two slices of bread, or one slice of bread and 1/2 cup of oatmeal. 
With the exchange-type diet plans, you have more day-to-day 
variety and you can easily follow the diet away from home. The 
most important advantage is that exchange-type diet plans 
teach the food selection skills you need to keep your weight off. 

Prepackaged-meal diet. These diets require you to buy 
prepackaged meals. Such meals may help you learn appropriate 
portion sizes. However, they can be costly. Before beginning 
this type of program, find out whether you will need to buy the 
meals and how much the meals cost. You should also find out 
whether the program will teach you how to select and prepare 
food, skills that are needed to sustain weight loss. 

Formula diet. Formula diets are weight-loss plans that replace 
one or more meals with a liquid formula. Most formula diets are 
balanced diets containing a mix of protein, carbohydrate, and 
usually a small amount of fat. Formula diets are usually sold as 
liquid or a powder to be mixed with liquid. Although formula 
diets are easy to use and do promote short-term weight loss, 
most people regain the weight as soon as they stop using the 
formula. In addition, formula diets do not teach you how to 
make healthy food choices, a necessary skill for keeping your 
weight off. 

Flexible diets. Some programs or books suggest monitoring 
fat only, calories only, or a combination of the two, with the 
individual making the choice of both the type and amount of 
food eaten. This flexible type of approach works well for 
many people, and teaches them how to control what they 
eat. One drawback of flexible diets is that some don't 
consider the total diet. For example, programs that monitor 
fat only often allow people to take in unlimited amounts of 
excess calories from sugars, and therefore don't lead to 
weight loss. 

It is important to choose an eating plan that you can live 
with. The plan should also teach you how to select and 
prepare healthy foods, as well as how to maintain your 
new weight. Remember that many people tend to regain 
lost weight. Eating a healthful and nutritious diet to 
maintain your new weight, combined with regular 
physical activity, helps to prevent weight regain. 

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