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     Fitness Tips For 4/25/2007

Advanced Workout Techniques

You can't get past a certain poundage on a certain exercise no 
matter what? Sound familiar? When you've been lifting for two 
years or so, you might start hitting a wall in your training. 
It's called a Plateau. Plateaus are when the training seems to 
be making no advancements but seems to get stale, tiring. Well, 
the fastest gains you make will be in the first two years of 
your training. After that, gains are hard fought.

Here are some techniques that all can use to spice up that 
training to break that plateau. Warning: this is not for the 
beginner in training, if you been lifting less than a year 
and you're hittin' the wall, you're just straight out not 
training right.


1. Trisets - Using three exercises targeting the muscle group 
and performing them in quick succession with little rest.

2. Giant Sets - Similar to Trisets but the set range is 4-6 sets. 
It can target the same muscle group or two antagonist groups 
(exp.  2 sets biceps followed by two sets triceps).

3. Continuous Tension - Moving the bar slowly over the entire 
range of motion.

4. Partial Reps - After taking the muscle to failure and you can 
no longer complete a full rep, take it only through half the 
range of motion.

5. Negative Reps - Your spotter takes a load that's heavy enough 
you could not perform one rep of  the exercise. The spotter helps 
you get the bar to the finish point of the exercise. Then it's 
up to you. You let the bar down to the starting point of the 
exercise while resisting the whole time.

6. Stripping Methods - Start heavy with low reps, strip off a 
couple of plates, do more reps with the lighter bar. So on 
and so on.

7. Pre-exhaustion - Hitting the smaller muscle groups before the 
mass movement that targets the same area. ex.) pec deck exercise 
before bench press.

8. Supersets - Two exercises done back to back with little rest. 
Usually between antagonistic muscle groups.

9. Powerlifiting - Check out some of the sites on the net 
about powerlifiting (bench press, Squats, Deadlifts, etc.)

10. Rest - This one of the most underrated techniques of 
pushing past your limit. Have you been lifting a long time 
with no layoffs? Try taking two weeks off and come back 

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