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     Fitness Tips For 5/9/2007

Get In Shape For Wrestling
By Zach Bashore

Wrestling has always been a sport known for its toughness and need 
for discipline to achieve such physical skills and movements. The 
main emphasis in wrestling is the ability to create short, 
explosive bursts of energy during the match to be able to execute 
offensive attacks and defensive counter-strikes. There are many 
different styles of wrestling which not only require these short, 
explosive bursts of energy, but also require a high level of 
anaerobic endurance and flexibility.

Training for wrestling is extremely intensive and grueling. It 
forces you to work in an anaerobic environment where you are almost 
begging for air. Muscles grow when under stress, and the goal in 
wrestling is to make them grow as quickly as possible. This is 
the main reason why wrestlers are the most overtrained athletes in 
the world. There training split emphasises each muscle group 
during every workout session. Many university wrestling teams use
a "full-body workout" such at this:

* Manual Neck
* Shoulder Shrug
* Shoulder Press
* Chin ups
* Bench Press 
* Rope Climb
* Straight Bar Curls
* Dips
* Leg Press
* Calf Raise

Wrestling is a combination of two different types of athletes: 
Power distance and endurance. A wrestler must get optimal 
energy from each of the three different energy systems. That 
means as a wrestler, you should plan your nutritional intake 
to support all three systems of energy. You also need to adjust 
your caloric intake in the off-season to suit your fitness 
goals. That means if you want to become quicker, simply cut 
your calories. If your looking to get stronger, then you 
should increase your calories.

As a wrestler, your body is craving more nutrients than that 
of the average person. That means it is vital that you 
supplement your already strong training and nutrition program. 
A good multivitamin that contains an adequate amount of Vitamins 
A, B, C, and Zinc should be at the top of your supplement list. 
However, the following supplements are also useful in helping 
you become a better wrestler:

* Ginkgo Biloba
* Citrulline Malate
* Calcium
* Whey Protein
* Glucosamine Sulfate
* Creatine
* Glutamine

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