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     Fitness Tips For 5/16/2007

Are You a Bodybuilder or a Powerlifter?
By Zach Bashore

Bodybuilding and powerlifting may sound the same, but they are actually
the very different. You are going to learn why and the differences 
between the two sports in training, diet, and supplementation.

The bodybuilder's training routine emphasizes whichever current goal the 
bodybuilder may have. Let's say that a bodybuilder is getting ready for 
a contest and is only paying attention to getting toned. His training 
routine would start consisting of lighter weights just with more 
repetitions. In powerlifting, it is completely different! In a 
powerlifting contest, three events (squat, bench press, and deadlift) 
determine who wins. This is why powerlifters use a periodized 
training program which consists of four phases.

1) Hypertrophy
2) Basic Strength
3) Maximum Strength
4) Transition Speed

Bodybuilders must pay more attention what they eat than what 
powerlifters do because of the simple fact of bodybuilders keeping fat 
gain to a minimum. Powerlifters don't have to go through the twelve 
weeks of severe diet that bodybuilders go through, but they still 
have to keep their food intake high enough to stay in an anabolic state. 
Powerlifters get to eat more but that can actually be a bad thing for 
them because  they simply have to eat more of the same healthy foods, 
which can make one feel sick after a week or so. However, bodybuilders 
and powerlifters diets both emphasize eating to gain muscle but 
powerlifters don't have to worry about eating for fat loss.

A bodybuilder's supplement cupboard would most likely consist of a 
healthy fat source, multivitamin, and whatever supplements for the goal 
that they are emphasizing. A powerlifter's cupboard would contain the 
same basic supplements but only with more of the muscle building 
supplements such as creatine, ZMA, protein powder, and weight gainers. 
You will seldom ever see a powerlifter supplementing with weight 
loss products unless they are at the point of having too much bodyfat 
that is having a negative impact on their lifts.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are both great sports to be involved 
with, but it is important that you know the differences between the 
two so that you're not confused. If you are currently in one of the 
sports and would like to further educate yourself on the differences 
between the two, attend a contest and see which one that you like best. 
You never know, maybe that bodybuilding body is more suited for 
powerlifting, and vice-versa. You just never know until you try it. 

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