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     Fitness Tips For 6/13/2007

Fit For Life Diet Review

Fit for Life is a book written by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. 
The Fit for Life diet teaches the eating of natural foods and
also correct timing and combinations to increase your energy 
and naturally reduce weight. 

Foods You Eat on this Diet: 

70 percent fruits and vegetables. Recommends eating foods in 
specific combinations and at certain times of the day. 

Some common food combinations promoted by the diet are as follows:

1. Fruits only until noon and also for midday snacks. Whether 
it is an apple, a papaya, or a couple of oranges, one can eat 
as much fruit as he likes. These can be in the form of non-dairy 
smoothies or fresh cut-ups. Any fruit or combination will do 
as long as it is exclusively fruit.

2. For lunch and dinner, practitioners of the diet can choose 
between a carbohydrate-meal or a protein-based one. The Fit for 
Life diet insists that the enzymes responsible for digesting 
carbohydrates and protein would cancel each other out, thus, 
food combinations with these two nutrients are not digested 
completely. The undigested food would then produce toxins 
which can slow down metabolism or cause the body harm. 


Not based on counting calories or grams of fat. You can eat as 
much of the specific foods as you desire.  


I found this diet did increase my energy and I lost 7 lbs in 
about 3 weeks without feeling hungry.

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