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     Fitness Tips For 6/27/2007

Using Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

What Are Wrist Straps?

There are a many names out there for these tools of weight lifting. Here
is a list of some of the names that you might hear the weight lifting 
wrist straps being called:

Weight Lifting Wrist Straps
Lifting Straps
Powerlifting Straps          
Power Straps
Deadlift Straps       
Deadlifting Straps
Wrist Straps       
Weight Lifting Straps
Weight Training Straps
Hand Straps       
Weight Straps

Wrist straps are lengths of non-stretching material that is "noosed" 
(looped end) around your wrists and then the remaining material (tail) 
is wrapped around a weight lifting bar to aid you in holding the weight.  
Their purpose is to keep the bar in your hands when lifting heavy 
amounts of weight.  You might want to use straps if or when your grip 
can't handle the amount of weight you are using, sweaty hands, weak 
grip, hurt hands etc.

Why Use Wrist Straps?

In order to build muscle, you need the right weight lifting apparel 
and tools. Building muscle is like building a house. You need the 
right tools in order to get the job done. Wrist straps should be 
included in your aresenal of tools when it comes to heavy weight 
training. I've always felt that wrist straps are an important tool 
when it comes to hoisting a lot of weight. 

Use wrist straps when your grip fails. I use wrist straps on 
deadlifts, lat pulldowns, heavy shrugs and rowing because itís 
usually my grip that gives out first. It shouldn't be the grip 
that gives out first but the muscle you are actually working. 
That's why it's imperative to find quality wrist straps that 
are tough, sturdy, and comfortable. Quality wrist straps are 
quite useful when you need to handle heavy, gripping weight. 

Where To Get Wrist Straps?

I recommend Truly Huge Wrist Straps to anyone who is into 
weight training. This product is strong, durable, and 
comfortable. Truly Huge Wrist Straps will help keep the 
weight where it should be, on the muscle. 

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