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     Fitness Tips For 7/5/2007

Gaining Mass Tips
By Adam B.

Here are some basic requirements for adding muscle naturally:

1. Eat enough quality protein! This is absolutely essential. I made 
the mistake at first of just eating a lot. Unfortunately, I did not 
realize that I was eating mostly carbohydrates. Once I began to eat 
lots of tuna fish, chicken, lean red meat and whey protein drinks, 
gaining muscle was much easier.

2.  Learn to enjoy working out. We all have favorite days to workout 
usually it's chest and biceps day! Yes, but unless you work out the 
rest of your body you'll look woefully unproportionate. Try to 
convince yourself that you love to work legs, back, shoulder and 
triceps. Hell, even forearms and abs. Once you do, you'll start 
seeing results, and then it becomes a cycle. Work out hard -> 
see results -> workout harder -> see more results -> and on, and on.

3. Don't waste your time. Don't baby yourself in the gym. It's neither 
the time nor the place. You are there to WORK, not to talk or read the 
newspaper. If you're doing it right, your workout should only take 
from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. That's it! If you are there for longer, 
then you are wasting time. Keep focused and intense.

4. Get enough sleep. That means sleeping until you wake up without an 
alarm. I usually try to get around 8-10 hours of sleep a night. This 
may seem like a lot, but trust me, if you're working out intensely 
you'll need it! 

5. Use "heavy" weight. I have the word heavy in quotes because it's 
all relative to where you are right now! Don't try to imitate the big 
boys in the gym - you will just get hurt. Trust me, I tried it, 
developed chronic tendonitis, had surgery, and had to take 2 years off. 
Just use enough weight so that you have to stop at 6-10 reps. If you 
can do more, then you need to increase the poundage. Even a 2.5 pound 
increase can seem like a lot, so just progress slowly.

6. Learn to love SQUATS. Squatting is the best full-body exercise you 
can do - period. If you want to get bigger, squats are the way to go. 
In particular, a 20-rep squatting program is excellent for putting on 
leg size and overall mass. But be prepared because 20-rep squatting is 
BRUTAL work. Simply put, you pick a weight you normally can do 15 reps 
with, and try your damndest to get 20 reps with it. If you REALLY can't 
get 20, then stay with that same weight until you can. Then move up by 
5-10 pounds next week and try to hit 20 again. It works! 

14. Don't compare yourself to other people - only to what YOU used to 
look like. Comparing yourself to others is a great way to get 
discouraged and quit. The whole purpose of bodybuilding is to better 
yourself. How can you do that by comparing yourself to someone else? 
Sure, it's okay to look at someone who's big and say, "Man, I'd love 
to look like that someday..." but end it there. Don't obsess on it. 
Just do the best you can and keep making improvements. As long as 
you are continually progressing compared to where YOU used to be, 
then that's all that matters.

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