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     Fitness Tips For 7/11/2007

Creating A Physical Fitness Plan


Before embarking on any voyage, you must assess your present 
position before you can chart a course for new horizons. In fitness 
terms, this means that you must evaluate your present physical 
condition before starting a workout plan. Poor planning usually 
translates into poor performance. 


Your resting heart rate is an important measuring stick of your 
overall fitness. The only time to get an accurate reading is first 
thing in the morning, BEFORE you leave your bed. The best way 
to get your heart rate would be to use a monitor. But, if you do not 
have access to one, then all you have to do is to count the number 
of heart  beats in 10 seconds and multiply that by 6. Your next 
question probably is "what is normal?" and "what do I want my 
heart rate to be?"

Men--------approx.72 BPM
Women---approx.80 BPM

If your resting heart rate is ABOVE these numbers, then your 
health may be at risk, and your first  priority should be to lower 
your resting heart rate. If your resting heart rate  is BELOW these 
numbers, you already have a head start, and can only improve. If 
you're a goal-oriented person, and we know you are, here is a 
list of possible goals in  regard to resting heart rates.

1st goal--60-65 BPM (above average)
2nd goal--55-59 BPM (good)
3rd goal--50-54 BPM (very good)
4th goal--40-49 BPM (excellent) world-class marathoners


Use a mirror to evaluate your body at regularly scheduled intervals.
Try not to be too hard on yourself; progress takes time. On the 
other hand, try not to become too narcissistic because you'll lose 
all your friends. When you judge your physique, try to be objective 
and make an accurate assessment. Pick specific body parts (and 
after making sure you will be able to reproduce a same-site 
measurement) and record circumference measurements at 
regularly scheduled intervals. You may even want to take 
photographs of yourself periodically to chronicle your progress.


The key element in goal setting is to set goals that are realistic, 
attainable and measurable. Such as lowering your heart rate, or 
reducing your body fat percentage as previously discussed. What 
constitutes short term vs. long term? A short-term time frame would
be considered 4 to 6 weeks. An intermediate step would be 2 to 6 
months. A long term would be 1 year to a lifetime.


Only you can answer this question. It depends on how hard you are 
willing to work. How far do you want to go? At a minimum, you should
strive to reach your ideal bodyweight (based on % body fat), lower 
your heart rate to an acceptable level, and develop sufficient muscle 
tone to perform everyday tasks easily and have the energy to enjoy 
life to its fullest.


As you start to reach your short-term goals, you should see differences 
in the way your clothing fits, your energy level, and even in your 
reflection in the mirror. Your decreased resting heart rate and body fat 
percentage, as well as your increased stamina, lean body mass and 
muscular strength, will motivate you to continue your progress!


Your intermediate goals (6 month-1 year) will be a continuation of your 
short-term goals.  Always with an eye and emphasis on progression. 
When you are in the intermediate phase, you will continue to progress 
(although not necessarily in a linear fashion). 


Long term goals (1 year to a lifetime) will be either a continuation of your 
intermediate phase, a set of new goals (more challenging), or a program 
of maintenance. It's up to you. Be aware that as you become more fit, it 
becomes more difficult to affect dramatic changes in your appearance. 
But don't be discouraged. By changing your workouts and exercises and 
repetition  you will be able to force your body to continue to adapt. 

There will be times when you will reach a plateau or a temporary sticking 
point. To break out of a plateau, you must vary your exercises and 
techniques. Only by hard work, proper planning, good nutritional 
practices, adequate rest and awareness of life's demands, will you be 
able to coax, abuse and cajole your body into continuous adaptation.


A good diet is essential for fitness, you will not gain strength, lose fat, 
etc, if you are not eating right for those goals. And finally, never work out 
a body part if it still hasn't recovered from a previous workout. When 
muscles are tired or sore, it is their way of saying "We need more
time to recover!" 

Poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, and excessive stress are 
counterproductive to your exercise program. All the exercise in 
the world won't result in a fit body if  you don't eat right, sleep and 
rest enough.

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