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     Fitness Tips For 8/15/2007

Weight Lifting Don'ts
By Jason Kahn

Many articles relating to exercise and nutrition are written 
that address what "to do" to achieve your fitness goals. 
Rarely does an article talk about what NOT to do to achieve 
success. The goal of this article is to introduce you to 
some common mistakes that are made when working out.

Don't bounce!
Bouncing the bar off your chest, bouncing out of the bottom 
position of a squat, or similar actions serves no purpose in 
helping you get stronger, more developed or lean. Two things 
do occur; you pump up your ego and you increase your chance 
for injury. There is a high amount of stress placed on the 
connective tissue when momentum is used rather than your 
muscles. Strive to have control and good form, rather than 
CHEATING to get the weight up!
Don't round your back!
When lifting, a rounded back increases the likelihood of 
strains and sprains in your lower back and shoulder region. 
Keeping your shoulders back and your lower back in a 
neutral/arched position serves to keep your spine in 
alignment and acts as a natural weight belt. 
Don't let your heels come up when squatting, leg pressing 
or lunging!
When the heels are raised or not in contact with the floor 
undue stress is placed on the ligaments of the knee joint 
and emphasis is lost on the posterior portion of your 
Don't do your cardio before your weights!
A five-minute warm-up is fine, but doing cardio first 
depletes the energy you need to lift weights (glycogen). 
When you lift weights your body needs glycogen for fuel. 
If this fuel is depleted because of cardio done just 
prior, your body will burn your hard earned muscle 
tissue for fuel! Done in the opposite order, you will 
maximize fat burning and minimize muscle wasting.

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