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     Fitness Tips For 8/29/2007

Increasing Tricep Size

Tri This On For Size 
by Mike Guardiola

Triceps are all too often treated like the red headed step child 
with the focus being place on those beautiful blossoming biceps.  
I'm guilty of this as well.  Here are a fews ways I've found to 
bulk up that horseshoe shaped step child.  I'm assuming the 
readers here have a sound understanding of common exercises.

Contraction Rep Dips - Perform a common dip using a flat bench.  
On the up movement only come up 3/4 of the way.  You will feel 
a contraction in the triceps at the 3/4 mark.  Do 3 sets of 15 
using your usual weight resistance.

Pull over Skulls - Perform a common pullover with your arms bent
at a 45 degree angle.  On the up movement extend your arms doing 
a triceps extension. Repeat this motion in a fluid and controlled 
manner for 3 sets of 12 with about 30% less of your usual triceps 
extension workout weight. You should feel a wonderful burn and 
you will definitely see the pump. 

*Be careful not to bash you head on the downward movement.

Tricep curls - This is a modified version of tricep kickbacks.  
Take your usual workout weighted dumbells used for kickbacks, 
Take a bent over row position and then lean forward at a 30 to 45 
degree angle.  This forces your Triceps to stay in resistance 
mode, similar to Preacher Curls for the biceps, while performing 
kickbacks.  Do 3 sets of 10-12.  Your triceps will feel like your 
biceps.  This one really plays tricks on the muscles.

Guess what, you are done with the Tri's!

Your rest periods should be kept between 30-45 Secs. And do like 
the Austrian Oak and keep flexing the Tri's between sets so as 
not to let them fully rest until you are done.   

Have a good workout!  

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