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     Fitness Tips For 10/3/2007
Why Water Is Important For Health And Fitness
About 65% of your body is water:
- 92% of your blood is water. 
- bones are 22% water
- Muscles are 75% water
- Brain is 75% water 
What water does in your body:
- flush out waste
- regulates the body temperature
- carries nutrients and oxygen through your body
- Moistens the air you breathe out
- Protects and cushions vital organs
- Helps you swallow and digest
- Cushions joints

What are signs of dehydration?
- dizziness
- headaches
- thirst (you should never be thirsty)
- dark pee
- irregular peeing habits
- dry throat/mouth
- dry/itchy skin

What are signs of good hydration?
- energy-full
- peeing about every 4 hours (when awake)
- light yellow pee
- never thirsty

Ins and Outs of Water
How do I lose water?
- Urine (and stool), essential to remove waste from the body
- Sweating, to maintain body temperature under extreme stress
- Breathing 
You're always "sweating" to a certain level, maybe you won't 
have sweat beads or feel wet, but your skin is moist, and as 
you know, water evaporates.

How do I take water in?
Just as humans, animals and plants are made up largely of water. 
Which means aside from the fluids you take in, you also get 
significant amounts of water from foods. For example, meat on 
average contains 30%-40% water after cooking.
Vegetables 85%-98% on average
fruits 85-90% on average

On top of that good sources of water are:
- bottled water
- Fresh squeezed juices
- milk
- caffeine free soft drinks
- soups

Bad (or poor) water sources are:
- coffee
- tea
- caffeine containing soft drinks
- alcoholic drinks

Why are these bad?  Because the caffeine and alcohol in the 
beverages are  diuretic, causing the body to lose more water 
than it takes in from the beverage.

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